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Whenever an accident occurs, many people look out for serious injuries such as broken bones, burns, spinal injuries, and internal organ injuries among others. In doing so, they overlook other minor injuries such as whiplash. Many victims fail to seek medical evaluation and opt for self-care at home hoping the injuries will heal with time. While this is understandable for minor injuries, severe whiplash may be painful and very uncomfortable, thus requiring medical treatment.

If you suffered whiplash injuries following a car accident in Texas, you have a chance to recover compensation for your losses. Personal injury laws allow you to claim the tangible and intangible losses you suffer. Getting a fair settlement for your losses may seem easy. However, many insurance companies will not be forthcoming and will employ different tactics to deny your claim. Therefore, the only way you can be protected against selfish insurance adjusters is by retaining reputable Brazoria County whiplash attorneys.

Common Causes of Whiplash

Whiplash as an injury to the neck and its muscles can occur in many ways. Unfortunately, they could occur under entirely preventable circumstances. Many of the whiplash injury cases we have handled in Brazoria County stem from:

Slip & Fall Accidents

Many people have at one point in their life been in a slip and fall accident. Although many of them walk away unhurt, some suffer potentially catastrophic injuries such as head trauma and spinal injuries. Among the most common injuries following a slip and fall accident is what some people refer to as a click in the neck. It is usually painful and creates a lot of discomfort around the neck. In medical terms, however, these types of injuries in the neck area are referred to as whiplash. Although many are minor, these injuries should not be taken lightly. You should see a doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment and contact a Brazoria County whiplash lawyer to know your rights.

Traffic Accidents

Whiplash injuries are most common in traffic accidents. The sudden snap of the head and neck in a backward and forward movement is popular in rear-end collisions but may also occur in other types of auto wrecks. Car accidents usually occur without prior warning, thus making drivers and passengers susceptible to these injuries. Proper medical evaluation is crucial especially when you experience muscle spasms or pain in the neck. As our Brazoria County whiplash lawyers will tell you, assuming your injuries will go away with time will not only affect your recovery, but also negatively impact your right to compensation.

Sports Accidents

Contact sports such as soccer and rugby can contribute to whiplash injuries of varying degrees. The injuries can be minor which is often the case with strains and spasms, or catastrophic such as neck fractures. Luckily, most whiplash injuries heal over time with the right treatment. In some scenarios, injury to the neck becomes so severe that the injured person suffers harm to the spine, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis.  You should therefore watch out for any pain or discomfort in the neck area, and seek immediate medical evaluation especially when you feel something is wrong.

Compensation for Whiplash Injury

Like any other type of injury, victims of whiplash may be eligible for compensation. They carry the same burden of proof to show, with indisputable evidence, that they would not have been injured but for the negligence behavior of another party. Proving the four basic elements of negligence is an uphill task. You need an experienced seasoned whiplash lawyer to establish that the other party owed you a legal duty of care but breached it. On top of that, you must also prove causation and damages.

Achieving compensation in a personal injury case is usually done in two major ways. First, you can decide to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies or proceed to a trial. Either way, you will need a Brazoria County whiplash lawyer to help you:

  • Establish liability
  • Collect and table indisputable evidence
  • Calculate your claim
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Represent you in court

The role of a dedicated legal team goes beyond the courtroom or negotiating table. A caring attorney will help with your injuries by giving you ample time to focus on treatment and recovery.

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Whiplash injuries can bring your life to a standstill. You don’t have to worry about securing your future when our team is here to help. Call us today to schedule a no-cost consultation with our Brazoria County whiplash attorneys.

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