Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Brazoria County

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Texas is a very large state where oftentimes if you don’t like the weather, you can wait five minutes for it to change. It could be sunny one morning, and rainy the next minute. These differences in weather patterns are a common occurrence in the larger United States. Unfortunately, they have become a matter of public safety concern in recent years with the Department of Transportation estimating that at least 13 million weather-related accidents have happened in the last decade. What this means is that people have been killed and others left with serious injuries.

If you were injured in a car accident involving bad weather in Brazoria County, you may not know that you may qualify for compensation. To begin with, you know that you cannot sue Mother Nature, and weather patterns are beyond any driver’s control. However, each motorist has a legal mandate of ensuring they adapt to bad weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice, fog, mist, and extreme sun. So, if their failure to do this results in a car accident, a skilled auto accident attorney could help you hold them accountable for the damages that follow.

Traffic Rules Remain in Effect

Generally, road traffic rules do not get suspended just because there is poor weather. All motorists and road users have a moral and legal obligation to act with prudence in these scenarios. This means that although the speed limit sign shows 70 mph, a driver should drive below the set limit if it is proper under the current weather conditions. Essentially, most of these speed limits are set for good weather, leaving no room for changes in times of inclement weather conditions. In fact, a motorist can be ticketed for failing to control their speed even when it’s clear they are not beyond the set speed limits. This normally happens in bad weather conditions.

Liability in Weather-Related Accidents

A motorist can be held responsible for a car collision involving bad weather just as they can in other types of crashes. However, inclement weather conditions make it more likely for an accident to occur, more so if the driver doesn’t adjust their driving. Some negligent behaviors that often cause car accidents involving bad weather include:

  • Driving too closely behind other cars
  • Speeding, potentially causing hydroplaning
  • Failing to use fog lights
  • Failing to use hazards during turning
  • Failing to use wipers

Generally, liability in car crashes caused by inclement weather often boils down to individual drivers. However, this doesn’t mean that they are always to blame. The fault is always based on the circumstances and if the party has not followed his or her duty of care. A skilled car accident lawyer can investigate your case to determine liability.

Possible Defendants in Poor Weather Car Crashes

As mentioned earlier, negligence plays a crucial role in any personal injury case. It’s the basis on which you seek to recover compensation. Basically, you must show that:

  • A duty of care existed
  • The duty of care was breached
  • The breach was the direct cause of your injuries and not anything else
  • You suffered damages provable through expert witnesses, medical records, and other documents

To successfully recover compensation, you need to prove these elements. Unfortunately, you lack the necessary skills and legal knowledge to fully expound your case from investigations to litigation. For these reasons, you need to hire an auto wreck attorney with a proven record. He or she may help you sue:

  • Road construction companies for poor designs
  • Drivers for negligent driving
  • Car owners for negligent driver hiring
  • Vehicle owners for poor maintenance
  • Car manufacturers for auto parts defects
  • Other road users and motorists for negligent behaviors

An attorney will also choose the best legal course for maximum compensation. For example, filing a claim against someone driving while on the job may not result in tangible recovery compared to a filing against the employer. Your attorneys will give your case the aggressive approach it deserves for maximum financial recovery.

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