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The highways and streets in Texas are often very busy. Motorists and pedestrians are running their errands and going about their activities. Although most of them are careful, a miscalculation or loss of focus may result in a serious accident. Some are just that, accidents caused by no one in particular. Others are acts of negligent driving. And when the latter results in serious injuries, permanent injuries, or death, the party responsible may be held financially accountable.

If you are a victim of a failure to yield accident, you should speak with a knowledgeable auto wreck lawyer right away. You may be compensated for your injuries and losses. There is no sure way of determining whether you have a claim other than consulting an experienced Brazoria County failure to yield accident attorney. With our team’s legal experience, you are assured of professional handling of your case.

What is a Failure to Yield Collision?

Under Texas traffic laws, drivers approaching the same stretch or intersection should always give one party the right of way under the right circumstances, such when making a left turn on a solid green light. However, this sometimes is a contentious issue, more so when everyone feels they deserve to go first. All this confusion can cause chaos and result in an accident. And when this happens, a failure to yield accident has occurred.

Like any other accident caused by negligent behaviors or an outright violation of traffic laws, these types of accidents are compensable. You need a knowledgeable attorney who will help you get the financial freedom you need to cover your losses. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand the devastating impact of a serious accident in your life. For this reason, we will dedicate our resources and experience to recover maximum compensation.

Right of Way Laws in Brazoria County

Texas traffic laws envision such scenarios where different vehicles approach the same intersection or stretch. As soon as a motorist hits the road, they are expected to follow these rules. Specifically, the Texas Transportation Code 545.153 stipulates the different scenarios that drivers ought to yield the right of way.

  • Section 544.003 stipulates that a yield or stop sign indicates the right of way to the other drivers
  • Section 544.010 states that unless a controlled device such as traffic lights or the police direct you otherwise, drivers must yield the right of way to vehicles that enter an intersection from a roadway

These are just a sneak preview of the many laws that define the rights of way in Texas. Retaining a knowledgeable failure to yield car accident attorney allows you to learn more about these rules and how each applies to your case.

Who Should Yield the Right of Way?

To ensure that our Brazoria County roads and highways are safe, several federal and state legislations have been adopted. They define how and when a driver should yield the right of way to another vehicle. Of course, rapid response vehicles like fire engines, ambulances, police vehicles, and specific VIP motorcades reserve the right of way in all circumstances. All the other vehicles must yield to them. But since these scenarios do not occur that often, it’s important to look at the bigger picture that the transport sector in Texas is.

Some of the specific circumstances under which a driver is expected to yield the right of way to another driver include:

  • When flagged down by authorities or workers in a construction zone
  • When a driver approaching a section with a yield sign
  • When a driver is turning left on a solid greenlight
  • When another driver is approaching an intersection from the right
  • When a driver is entering a public roadway

A skilled attorney with experience handling these cases understands the application of these rules. So when looking for a lawyer, ensure that you choose a law firm that specializes in personal injury law and with a proven track record of winning failure to yield accident cases.

Contact a Brazoria County Accident Attorney to Get Your Case Started

Establishing fault in a failure to yield accident is very challenging. Each driver maintains they had the right of way. Such disputes prolong the resolution of your case. So to ensure that you are not caught up in these murky waters, you ought to let a Brazoria County failure to yield accident lawyer help you distance yourself from liability. They will talk to witnesses, review traffic footage, and engage experts to reconstruct the accident scene.

If you are considering filing a car accident case, please contact us today. Our legal teams will discuss your case and determine the best legal action for maximum compensation.

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