Expert Witnesses in Brazoria County Car Accident Cases

The success of any personal injury lawsuit hinges on building an indisputable case against the party at fault for your injuries and losses. Apart from retaining a seasoned auto wreck attorney, you may also need to work with different experts from multiple professions. They are invaluable assets when it comes to providing professional explanations regarding why and how an accident occurred, as well as the impact on your current and future life.

Expert witnesses play a critical role in personal injury cases and are allowed to testify before a jury based on their proficiency in particular fields related to the matter at hand. Unlike eyewitnesses, their testimonials are more factual, thus adding weight to your case. If you were in a traffic accident, you should discuss the role of expert witnesses in Brazoria County car accident cases with your attorney.

Types of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

The attorneys at our firm work with different experts when helping our clients get justice. We leave nothing to chance when fighting for your rights. Some of the most popular expert testifiers in Brazoria County car crash cases are:

Economic Experts

Economic experts play a pivotal role in explaining the economic impact of your injuries. They discuss how your injuries affect your finances in the present and the near future. Economic damages following a car accident may sound as straightforward, but there is often so much to consider. For example, an economic expert may help put into perspective the financial losses you are likely to suffer in the future, which are difficult to calculate compared to past or present losses. They also help calculate the value of your claim for maximum compensation.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

As their name suggests, an accident reconstructionist uses computer programs and models to establish the moments leading to a crash. With the help of simulations and existing facts about your case, they recreate the accident scene to determine whether someone may have been negligent. For example, they may establish the speed at which a vehicle was moving, and the amount of force of impact involved.

Mental Health Experts

Many people forget to pursue compensation for emotional trauma and psychological disorders that follow a crash. The common reason is the inability to quantify such losses into monetary figures, as well as the difficulty in proving them. Mental health experts provide explanations as to how you were mentally affected by the accident and its impact on your way of life. For example, many victims who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder usually don’t get back on the road, and thus end up having their normal life disrupted.

Highway Safety Experts

To have an in-depth understanding of what could have happened in a crash, a highway expert may be called upon to testify and offer insights on the condition of the road at the time of the accident. Highway engineers have better proficiency in highway safety, so they provide factual information regarding how road conditions may have contributed to an auto wreck. They are most popular in an accident involving Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and trucks.

Medical Experts

To prove your injuries, you may need much more than just medical records. Having a medical expert is an added advantage when it comes to explaining your injuries and their effect on your daily life. The best person to retain at this point is your physician. He or she will discuss your injuries and how they happened. On top of that, they help link your injuries to the accident. Insurance companies may downplay your injuries and even purport that they existed before the accident. But with the help of a medical expert, you can show causation.

How Much Does It Cost to Retain an Expert Witness?

Whenever an expert witness is mentioned, many people believe it costs an arm and leg to retain them. While most expert eyewitnesses in Brazoria County car crash cases are paid, this should be the least of your concerns. By working with a personal injury attorney, you get to have them testify without making any upfront payments. This is made possible by the contingency fee policy that most personal injury law firms work with. Therefore, you shouldn’t fear getting the best out of your case by retaining an expert witness.

Call to Discuss Expert Witnesses for Car Accidents in Brazoria County

Our tenacious auto wreck attorneys have a long-standing relationship with experts in different fields who are ready to give your case the boost it deserves for maximum compensation.  Contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to discuss more about expert witnesses in Brazoria County car accident cases.

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