Filing a Car Accident Case in Brazoria County

Traffic accidents have far-reaching consequences on the individuals involved and their loved ones. Apart from the often catastrophic injuries they cause, auto wrecks result in multi-million dollar losses every year. The financial implications of a crash are usually felt when the injured person has to seek treatment for injuries, stay out of work, as well as adjust their way of life. Unfortunately, not so many people are prepared for such an eventuality.

When you are in an auto wreck caused by the negligence of another party, you have a two-year window to bring your claim forward for compensation. However, some people may find this time insufficient, especially when they have too much on their plate to deal with. For example, some injuries result in long-term paralysis or prolonged treatment. In these scenarios, they may be forced to focus on recovery first, forgetting the crucial timeframes set under the Texas Statute of Limitations. However, filing a car accident case in Brazoria County shouldn’t be too much to deal with if you hire a trusted auto wreck attorney.

What To Expect When Filing a Car Crash Claim

Filing a car accident case only has two outcomes. You may be settled or not. Both depend on how best your case is articulated, and the details of your case, such as liability.  Generally, filing an auto wreck case in Brazoria County allows you to recover compensation for your losses in the following major ways:

Settling with Insurance Companies

The first step towards compensation after filing a car crash case is settling with insurance companies. Many times, the claim is brought forward against the other party’s insurance companies. But in scenarios where they are not insured, or cannot be tracked down, you may file a claim with your particular insurance company. Since insurance adjusters serve the interests of their employer, it is not unusual to have your claim denied. Retaining an aggressive attorney is the best way to have your interests protected.

Going to Court

If your case is not settled with insurance companies, or you don’t want an out-of-court arrangement, you have the right to file your car accident case in the Texas court system. Although the process is more intricate compared to settling with insurance companies, it often results in higher compensation. For example, you may be awarded punitive damages, which are not available when you file a claim with insurance companies. You may also be compensated for extra losses such as out-of-pocket expenses, thus maximizing your damages.

Role of an Auto Wreck Attorney in Your Case

Filing a car crash case in Brazoria County requires you to fulfill several steps. Most of them are legal, and your lack of experience and knowledge in this area puts your case in a tight position. With this in mind, the biggest and most rewarding choice you can make is hiring a skilled attorney. A reputable team will tell you what to expect and be by your side through the entire compensation process. Your attorney will undertake different roles just to help you make a solid indisputable car accident claim. He or she will:

  • Negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Gather evidence to back your claim
  • Document your losses
  • Calculate the value of your car accident claim
  • Retain experts to build a strong case
  • Establish liability
  • Represent you in court

Most importantly, working with a dedicated and trusted attorney ensures you get the peace of mind you desperately need. The aftermath of a car crash is often traumatizing, and the last thing you want is stressing over filing a car accident case. Our team will represent your interests and fight for your rights as you pick up the pieces.

Contact Us for Legal Assistance in Filing Your Car Crash Case in Brazoria County

The court process entails a series of phases that only a trial-tested car accident attorney understands. Court fees will be paid, petitions filed, and depositions made among other steps. If you are unsure of what to expect, or how to go about it, you should let a qualified attorney handle the process on your behalf. They are best suited to make a successful claim since they already know what to expect and do. In any case, most personal injury lawyers do not charge legal fees until compensation is achieved. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by working with an attorney. To discuss your case, please contact our offices today for expert guidance in filing a car accident case in Brazoria County.

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