Settling a Car Accident Case in Brazoria County

The aftermath of an auto wreck can leave you in limbo. You may not know what to do regarding the losses that follow. Depending on your injuries, you are likely to incur monetary losses in the form of medical expenses, rehabilitation and homecare costs. If you cannot go to work anymore, you will also suffer lost wages, thus resulting in a diminished quality of life. Without an alternative source of finances, your recovery may suffer a heavy blow.

Luckily, accident victims have a chance to redeem themselves by pursuing compensation for their losses. However, someone else must have been at fault for the accident to qualify for compensation. Oftentimes, the other party’s insurance company will bear the costs associated with your damages. Settling a car accident case in Brazoria County is supposed to be a seamless process but for selfish insurance companies. You should expect a fight from insurance adjusters seeking to lower or deny your claim, so the best way to safeguard your interests is by retaining an aggressive auto wreck attorney.

What to Expect When Settling a Car Accident Case

After establishing grounds for an accident claim, you have two major avenues you can use to recover compensation for your losses. You may file a petition through the Texas court system where a jury or judge will review the facts and circumstances of your case before making a ruling. Unfortunately, this option is expensive, time-consuming, and usually involves a lot of bureaucracies that make the whole process complex. A lot of work goes into filing a lawsuit, and given the urgency for compensation, you may prefer resolving your claim with insurance companies.

Reaching an agreement with insurance companies is the most popular way of recovering damages following an auto wreck in Brazoria County. As a practical matter, all motorists in Texas are required to have insurance. This helps compensate injured victims for the losses that follow a crash. Insurance companies often prefer negotiating, hoping you don’t proceed to court with your case. Apart from saving them the costs associated with defending the case, going to court may result in higher compensation, which is a loss to them.

Initial Settlement Offer

In the days following an accident, you should look forward to insurance adjusters reaching out with an initial offer. Having reviewed your claim and established you are eligible for settlement, insurance companies will hastily make an offer, hoping you will agree not to pursue compensation through a court process. The offer may seem enticing, but oftentimes, it only represents a fraction of what you deserve.

Remember, insurance companies are in the business of maximizing their profits, even at your expense. You shouldn’t be surprised that the initial offer is not a great deal, as it often seems. However, it signifies a great start for negotiating a better compensation. Working with a reputable auto wreck attorney is the best way to handle negotiations for settling a car incident claim in Brazoria County, as they are expert negotiators and already know the different tactics used by insurance companies to lower settlements.

When to Settle?

The decision to finally settle a car accident claim in Brazoria County primarily depends on the offers made. To ensure you are fully aware of the terms you agree to settle on, you should have your attorney handle communication with insurance companies. This helps protect your interests, since you may end up agreeing to their terms or signing documents without proper knowledge of their impact on your rights.

A resourceful attorney will also help calculate the value of your claim to ensure the compensation you get reflects your damages. If a beneficial outcome is reached, the process comes to an end. But in the likely event that the terms of the settlement are not clear, or do not reflect your real losses, you may proceed to court where a jury will be appointed to help determine the outcome of your case.

Contact Our Firm To Help You Settle Your Brazoria County Car Accident Case

The knowledge and experience of an auto wreck attorney go a long way in settling a car accident case in Brazoria County. Apart from their expert negotiation skills, they come with decades of legal experience that help cushion you from selfish insurance companies that may rule out some or all of your claims. Since the team at Lone Star Injury Attorneys, do not charge upfront legal fees to handle such claims, you should retain one for your case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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