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Imagine waking up in a hospital having lost some of your body functions such as movement, the ability to communicate, retain memories or even control your emotions. This means that many brain injury victims can no longer enjoy life as they used to. Their way of life comes to an abrupt change, and to learn that someone may have been responsible for your injuries in the first place can be traumatizing. Apart from lowering your quality of life, a brain injury comes with huge financial implications. Treating such injuries is costly, and may require lifetime treatment.

Luckily, some victims recover with time, while others spend the rest of their life with these injuries. Without a source of income, getting medical attention may be extremely difficult.  If you have suffered a brain injury due to the reckless and negligent actions of another party, it’s not time to give up. Depending on the facts around your case, you may qualify for monetary compensation with the help of a catastrophic injury attorney. But you can never know whether your case is viable unless you speak to an experienced Brazoria County brain injury lawyer.

Why Do I Need a Brain Injury Lawyer for My Case?

A brain injury is not your ordinary type of harm. It comes with more risks and financial demands that even persons with personal insurance coverage fail to meet. And since most insurance companies are often unwilling to settle with deserving victims, the only sure way of compelling them to do so is to retain an aggressive brain injury lawyer. With their experience and professional outlook, you are guaranteed expert legal representation that insurance companies dread.

Apart from fighting for your legal rights, your attorney also provides the needed solace and shoulder to lean on. Suffering a catastrophic injury causes untold despair to victims and their loved ones. Without the right support, it could mean more suffering. Our Brazoria County brain injury lawyers have a wide network of medical experts who provide therapy and understanding to injured persons.

Lastly, you need ample time to focus on recovery. But you can’t do so if you have to juggle between following up with treatment and preparing your case. By retaining a brain injury attorney, you get the chance to fully focus on receiving treatment while a dedicated legal team works on getting you the compensation you deserve. So if you were contemplating filing a personal injury claim on your own, it’s high time you let a professional handle your case.

Brain Injuries May Result in Wrongful Death

In some cases, a brain injury may be so severe that it results in loss of life. Such scenarios are difficult to come to terms with, especially when you know that someone else was responsible for the accident where your loved one was injured. Filing a wrongful death claim may seem difficult, but it’s the right thing to do for your family. Apart from recovering damages you incurred following your loved one’s death, you also get to be compensated for losses that the deceased may have been entitled to if they were alive. Unlike a personal injury claim, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is emotionally draining, and given that you are still grieving, you may not be the right person to handle your case. In your best interests, you should hire a compassionate Brazoria County brain injury lawyer who will work with their wrongful death counterparts to get you justice.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

There are many ways that a brain injury may occur. And sad to note, most of them stem from negligence. They can be prevented but for reckless parties that breach their duty of care. Most victims attribute their injuries to:

The type of claim will be dependent on the cause of your injury. For example, if negligent doctors or medical practitioners were behind your brain injury, you may file a medical malpractice claim. If it’s a defective product, your Brazoria County brain injury lawyer will opt for a product liability claim.

A Compassionate Brain Injury Lawyer is a Call Away

If you suffered a brain injury or lost a loved one under similar circumstances, our thoughts reach out to you. We understand what a difficult moment this is for you. The best we can do to help you cope is fight for your rights even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Our Brazoria County brain injury lawyers are ready and willing to help you move past this traumatizing stage in your life. Please fill our online contact form and a representative from Lone Star Injury Attorneys will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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