Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Sugar Land

Car accidents  occur daily in Sugar Land. Some are attributable to preventable causes, while others are entirely beyond our control. Regardless, the aftermath is often devastating, resulting in physical injuries, emotional distress, and in the most severe cases, fatalities. Factors contributing to these accidents range from drunk driving and inexperienced drivers to road rage, poor road conditions, and vehicle defects. While these issues can be addressed to some extent, what happens when adverse weather conditions lead to car accidents? Who bears the responsibility? Our Sugar Land lawyers specializing in accidents caused by severe weather conditions will provide the necessary guidance and ensure that you don’t forgo your right to compensation.

According to the Department of Transportation, nearly 21% of all motor vehicle accidents reported in the U.S each year involve bad weather. While it might seem intuitive to attribute the accident to fog, mist, ice, snow, rain, or any adverse weather condition, no court can hold the weather accountable. This inability to direct blame towards weather conditions complicates such car accident claims. To navigate this complex path, retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer proficient in handling accidents resulting from adverse weather conditions represents your best chance at pursuing justice.

Why Are Drivers Held Responsible in Adverse Weather Conditions Accidents?

All drivers are duty-bound to adapt to varying road conditions, particularly when the weather necessitates it. Failing to adjust your driving in response to weather conditions can render you liable for any resulting accident. As a driver, prioritizing safety should be your focus, regardless of whether the weather is conducive or not. If another driver, amidst rain, makes abrupt stops, executes swift turns, or exceeds the speed limit, they are violating their Duty of Care towards other road users. The primary reason drivers are held accountable for accidents caused by adverse weather conditions is that the law entrusts them with the responsibility of navigating safely through such conditions.

For instance, if there is a light drizzle and the roads remain relatively dry, normal driving conditions typically apply. However, should a heavy downpour severely limit road visibility—even with your headlights on—the driver is expected to operate well below the standard speed limits. A driver can be held liable for a weather-related accident in the following situations when he/she:

  • Fails to use windshield wipers to improve visibility
  • Drives while impaired
  • Disregards traffic signals
  • Fails to drive at a reasonably reduced speed considering the weather
  • Operates a vehicle with worn-out tires
  • Drives while fatigued
  • Drives while distracted

Should a local accident involving multiple vehicles occur due to poor weather conditions, the conduct of each driver on the road will be scrutinized. This assessment helps identify the driver who is principally responsible for the accident.

Compensation Eligibility in an Auto Accident Due to Bad Weather in Sugar Land

The compensation you may be entitled to following a car accident caused by adverse weather conditions in Sugar Land primarily depends on the specific losses you incurred and who was responsible for the accident. Although each incident is unique, the types of damages you might be eligible for are often similar. If your claim is successful, you should receive compensation for economic damages like lost wages due to work absence following a severe injury, past and future medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost future earnings, and any other provable out-of-pocket costs. Furthermore, you should also seek compensation for non-economic losses such as physical pain and suffering, loss of consortium, diminished quality of life, emotional distress, loss of companionship, and others.

Can Weather Ever Be Deemed Responsible for the Accident?

Surprisingly, there are instances when a jury or an insurance company may dismiss a lawsuit arising from an accident due to adverse weather conditions. Certain insurance contract clauses reference an “Act of God,” allowing the defense to argue that the conditions were beyond human control. For example, if a defendant is driving and is suddenly propelled onto private property or into traffic by a tornado, they may not be held directly accountable for the accident. To navigate through these intricate factors determining liability, you might need the services of a local attorney experienced in managing cases involving accidents caused by adverse weather conditions.

Our Sugar Land Bad Weather Condition Lawyers Can Help You

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If you’ve recently sustained injuries in a car accident caused by adverse weather conditions, there’s a high probability that a driver was at fault. Consequently, you should be aware of your rights to lodge a compensation claim. To discuss your situation, you can reach out to our committed team of lawyers specializing in severe weather accidents in Sugar Land to arrange a complimentary consultation. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we pledge to do everything within our means to secure compensation for your injuries if they resulted from a negligent driver.

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