Meeting a Sugar Land Car Accident Lawyer for the First Time

couple with lawyerBeing involved in a car accident or even falling from the staircase at your favorite shopping mall can be traumatizing. What’s even more troubling is an instance where you sustain bruises or injuries that require medical attention. You can also incur losses from damage of property therefore necessitating the need for monetary compensation to recover what you lost. In such a case, you will have to file a formal lawsuit against your insurance company or the party at fault. However, going the solo way can limit the success of your litigation especially when you are not conversant with how the process goes. This is the reason why you require the services of a competent Sugar Land auto accident injury lawyer. This not only improves your chances of winning the lawsuit but also increases the amount you receive by two or three times.

Time is so essential especially when you decide to file a claim. Different states have different time limits within which claims must be brought forward, and should this time lapse, you case will definitely be dismissed. For this reason, we strongly advocate for immediate talks with your personal injury attorney once you are involved in an accident even as you seek treatment for your injuries. After making a call to them, you will be scheduled to meet them in person to kick start the legal process. But what should you bring with you in your first meeting with your lawyer? Below is a quick guide on what you should equip yourself with during your first appointment:

Your Updated Contact Information

Making yourself known to your personal injury lawyer is not just a matter of giving them your names. There is much more to this than just names. Regardless of the claim you wish to file, your lawyer will definitely want to know more about you. They will need to know your home address work address home phone number work phone number email address mobile phone number.

All these will be essential in communicating effectively to you. For this reason, you should give out updated information.

Facts About Your Case

Your personal injury lawyer will without doubt request you to describe and expound on the key facts that led to your decision to booking an appointment with them. Here, you will be expected to say what happened before and after the accident. But often, victims of car accidents tend to be worked up by the time they meet their lawyers. This means that they may end up giving false or unclear information.

To avoid this, you should write down your account of events as if you were writing a composition. Location, date and time of the accident should be clearly indicated since your lawyer cannot work on a ghost accident. The number of people involved should also be noted.


Documents are crucial not only in a personal injury lawsuit but also any civil litigation. They are the basis on which you develop your evidence. If you were injured, the jury must be able to see the medical reports from your lawyer. If you suffered property damages, the jury must also confirm that you were the rightful owner and this can only be done if you avail these documents to your lawyer.

Moreover, documentations that show the accident scene are so ideal, and with the recent technological advancement across the globe, mobile phones have made such tasks easier. You can now take photos of the accident scene in a second. Other documents such as police reports will come in handy. It is without doubt that the nature of documents you provide will vary from one type to another, and it is for this reason that you should carry all documents pertaining to the accident.


After notifying your insurance company or the defendant about your accident, chances are that they will contact you with an offer. The best thing to do is not to accept any of their terms no matter how good they may seem. As a matter of fact, you should never carry out any discussions without the [presence of your attorney. So when visiting your car accident lawyer, you should carry all the information pertaining to such moves from your insurance company.

Ask Questions Too

shaking hands with client

Undoubtedly, you will have so much in your mind about the possible lawsuit and the process involved. It is at this meeting that you should ask your car accident attorney all the burning questions. To ensure that you don’t leave out any of them, you should list them down any time that they cross your mind to avoid any case where you would forget.

At Lone Star Injuries Attorneys, we have everything in place to give you a befitting welcome where you will meet our best legal minds. We highly value you, and for this reason, anything and everything you share with us is held in utmost confidentiality. Talk to us today.

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