lawyer in suit In cases where someone has sustained severe injuries or permanent damages, the services of an experienced car accident lawyer are highly recommended. However, a fender bender and other minor auto accidents might not necessarily require the involvement of a car accident lawyer, as the claims can easily be resolved through the insurance companies and the drivers involved. In the state of Texas, minor auto accidents claims can be settled through the municipal (or “small claims”) courts without necessarily involving a lawyer. These are cases where the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, are well under $10,000, as this is the maximum amount the court can award. However, there are certain scenarios that may necessitate the presence of a car accident lawyer for you to receive a fair hearing and compensation of your claims. These include:

When the Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

More often than not, insurance companies do not want to pay out claims and when they agree to, they might undermine the severity of the economic damages and want to downplay their financial responsibility. In other cases, the insurance companies may even deny coverage entirely and even fail to give you substantial reason as to why your claim has been denied. As such, the services of an experienced bad faith lawyer may come in handy in protecting your interests and ensuring that justice is served. The lawyer in this case must understand the law behind litigating bad faith insurance claims.

If the Accident Caused Serious or Fatal Injuries

The severity of an accident also forms the basis of whether the services of a car accident lawyer are strongly recommended or not. In cases where serious injuries occur, higher medical bills often accumulate up to ten of thousands of dollars, pushing the value of your case even higher. As such, the insurance company will want to avoid paying as much money as possible, and they may take advantage of the fact that you represent yourself by only offering a small amount of money to compensate you for your claim. Especially in the event of death, it’s advisable to seek the services of an attorney, as your case may require expert testimony and the thorough presentation of proper evidence to receive the fair value for your case. Notably, the lawyer will advise and help calculate the true value of your wrongful death case, as well as represent you assist you with any related legal matter you may need to take care of.

If There is a Dispute on Who is at Fault

Although you might have several pieces of evidence to act as evidence that you were not at fault, police and other witness reports might show contradicting information. The best alternative to prove your innocence and support your claims is by hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you. An attorney will be able to show the appropriate evidence to establish the Defendant’s liability, which may include photos of the scene, witness statements, expert testimony, and proper cross-examination of the Defendant. In the event that the other person’s fault led to your injuries, seeking the representation of a car accident lawyer is recommended, as he or she will advise you on the procedure of filling and successfully winning a personal injury claim.

If You Are Permanently Injured and Need Ongoing Care

In the event that you sustain severe injuries that make you unable to carry out your day-to-day activities, losing significant income that you would not have otherwise lost were you not involved in an accident, the services of a car accident lawyer will be strongly recommended. In some cases, people sustain lifelong complications that limit their ability to earn income, whether in employment or through running their own businesses. As such, an attorney comes in handy as they will be able to properly evaluate all the expenses incurred then and in future while calculating the total amount of compensation that you’re entitled to. These will also include the expenses that may be incurred to hire a caregiver to take care of you.

If the Accident Involves Multiple Parties

When an accident involves more than two vehicles, the claiming process becomes more complicated. Depending on your case, the accident may involve pedestrians, property owners, and commercial or governmental entities. These cases entail particularly different legal procedures, and the intervention of a seasoned attorney will be your best option. He are she will be seeking get you the compensation you deserve while following the technical legal procedures. Notably, the decision to hire a car accident lawyer should be reached upon before accepting a final settlement from your insurance company. Signing a final agreement form denies you the right to claim for further compensation pertaining to the specific accident.