Injuries Following a Sugar Land Car Accident

sore neck Being part of a car accident can be a very traumatizing experience. Apart from the amount of physical damage and injuries that the victims suffer, the memory of the experience can remain glued in their minds forever. Some develop a phobia of driving, where they limit their travel or movements in areas where there may be heavy traffic. Others grapple with post-traumatic disorders, both physical and mental, which can make their lives a nightmare. All these can be demanding both financially and emotionally especially in cases where victims have to seek long-term medical attention for their injuries from the trauma.

Luckily, car accident victims are able to file claims against the party responsible for the accident. From these claims, the injured party seeks to acquire monetary compensation for the damages suffered, such medical bills and pain and suffering. However, this process is not easy as many may think. You will have to negotiate diligently for fair compensation with the insurance adjuster. Doing this on your own may allow the adjuster to take advantage of your lack of experience by persuading you with an amount far less than what you deserve. For this reason, we highly recommend that you consult with a legal professional before talking to an insurance adjuster. Our dedicated car accident lawyers will help you seek compensation for the injuries you suffer, which may include:

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries account for a substantial percentage of injuries that result from car accidents in Sugar Land every year. In many cases, the car may roll over, knocking the passengers or driver against the hard surfaces inside the vehicle. As a result, the victims suffer from head injuries. This is more serious in cases where the victims are pedestrians. Pedestrians are often knocked over hard surfaces such as road barriers, concrete, or against other cars.

Given their serious nature, brain injuries can be very expensive to treat. You may require years of medical treatment to recover. But in some cases, you may have permanent impairment. This is where a local car accident lawyer can help by seeking adequate compensation for the medical bills you accrue.

Spine Injuries

The spine is the foundation of the body and its organs. Any damage to it can result in other serious medical conditions. In a bid to avert such spine injuries, passengers or drivers are always advised to use seat belts while inside the vehicle. These seat belts prevent very serious trauma by holding you intact when the car is rolling, and in some cases to protect you entirely from enduring injuries in the crash.

Spine injuries may leave the victim with lifelong pain or dependent on other people for daily activities. For some, they are left under the care of professional caretakers. These severe injuries require large sums of money to treat, and seeking compensation for the damages you have suffered is one way that could ensure that you don’t have to pay for it by yourself.

Broken Bones

Thousands of people have suffered from broken bones due to car accidents in Sugar Land. The impact created during an accident can be large enough to break bones in the process. Some of the damage to the bones remains a permanent problem, where victims have to live with a new vulnerability for the rest of their lives. Treatment for these injuries can vary. Victims are often required to regularly visit orthopedic centers for evaluation and treatment.

Internal Organ Damage

Internal organ damage is common among serious car accidents. A victim may escape the crash unscathed on the outside, only to realize later that they have internal bleeding. Some of the pain may not be felt immediately, as your body’s adrenaline levels spike during the accident. For this reason, it is advisable that car accident victims in your area visit a medical professional for an evaluation to rule out any internal bleeding. You may be suffering from internal injuries without your knowledge. If left untreated, these injuries can be life-threatening.

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knee injury

Seeking medical attention for these injuries can be expensive, especially for severe and permanent injuries. You may be kept away from work for a long time, therefore reducing your ability to pay. This is where your Sugar Land accident attorney comes in. Based on the factors that led to the accident, we may be able to help you recover damages from the responsible party. To evaluate your claims, call us today for a free consultation.

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