aerial view of highwayThe number of highway accidents today is alarming, not only in Sugar Land but also across the United States. As a preventive measure, governments have tried passing different laws and regulations in bids to curb this problem. But even so, accidents are increasing each year, leaving behind significant damages, especially in human fatalities and injuries. Families have lost their breadwinners and children have lost their parents due the negligence of other drivers. To help those who have been the most affected by this problem, our Sugar Land highway accident lawyers are prepared to seek the justice they deserve through fair compensation from the negligent party.

Despite the United States having one of the best road networks in the world, accidents have become more prevalent on our local highways. Rarely does a week pass without new cases of highway accidents and injuries. Thousands of victims have been left with permanent injuries while hundreds of others have lost their lives to these highway accidents. Additionally, these cases rise whenever there are national holidays, as many families do more traveling. Some of these accidents are avoidable while others cannot be prevented.

Who Should I Sue in a Highway Accident Lawsuit?

Just like in any other accident, highway car accidents often happen out of an act of negligence or recklessness. And recognizing the party at fault for the accident marks the beginning of your pursuit for justice. In Sugar Land, there are multiple parties that may be held liable for an accident. However, due to the deceptive practices of some insurance companies, victims often require the services of a dedicated Sugar Land highway accident lawyer to receive the greatest and most accurate valuation of their injuries. Responsible parties may include:

The Other Driver(s)

No matter how experienced and careful you are on the highway, you may come across a driver who is either inexperienced or careless. As such, they may end up making irrational decisions such as careless overtaking and abruptly changing lanes, therefore leading to a head-on crash or worse. If this is the case, the driver at-fault should be held liable. The driver, through their insurance company, can decide to offer you compensation for your damages. However, it is always advisable that you talk to a local highway accident lawyer to assess your case and determine the true value of your case, not just what the insurance company is offering.

The Local Highway Authorities

Every state authority is mandated by law to establish and take care of certain road networks under their jurisdiction. This means that the maintenance of the roads is their prerogative. If your accident was as a result of a poorly maintained section of a Sugar Land highway, you may be able to sue the local authorities for your damages. Highways should be regularly maintained to ensure that they are not only accessible to motorists, but also safe to motorists at the same time. Poor lighting or potholes can lead to tragic road accidents.

The Highway Construction Company

It is the responsibility of all construction companies to guarantee a safe road network that can be accessible by all types of motorists. They must design their highways construction in a manner that does not put the lives of motorists at risk. For example, the beginning of construction zones should be clearly marked to avoid confusion between drivers who may be driving at high speeds. Furthermore, they should ensure that there are clear visual alerts for speed limits and any potential road hazards. An experienced lawyer will be able to evaluate if the highway construction company is responsible for your accident.

What are the Causes of Sugar Land Highway Accidents?

daytime at highway

Nobody wishes to be in a car accident, but even so, highway accidents continue to be very common. Some of the reasons why accidents continue to occur include:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Incompetent Drivers
  • Unfamiliarity with highway rules
  • Speeding

While you may be a very experienced and safe driver, it takes only the mistake of another motorist to cause serious and debilitating damages. For this reason, it is very important to be mindful of the surroundings near you, as well as the factors that may lead to an accident while on the highway.

If you have been injured in a highway accident, contact us at Lone Star Injury Attorneys to get in touch with our Sugar Land Highway Accident Lawyer for a free consultation about your case.