Missouri City Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

When buying insurance, many people hope that the cover will ease any financial burden that follows a bad circumstance. As we already know, suffering a catastrophic injury or losing a loved one in a fatal crash can have a long-lasting impact. That’s why insurance companies step in to help cover the losses suffered and secure the future. While many of these companies fulfill their commitment, not all of them do. When they fail to compensate for insured risks, many people are left wallowing in untold suffering.

Regardless of the policy you hold, these companies have a duty to settle fairly. When they unlawfully refuse to compensate your losses, you may seek different legal avenues to get justice. One of these ways is to hire a Missouri City bad faith insurance lawyer. The refusal by insurance companies to pay out fair claims is a tactic they use to maximize their profits at the expense of the personal injury victims. When this happens, you have a right to sue the companies for the damages covered in your policy.

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

This refers to the complete refusal by insurance companies to pay claims to policyholders as agreed upon when buying insurance. Any tactic meant to deny or lower your claim under unreasonable and unlawful grounds amounts to unfair practices. If you suspect that your insurance company through their adjusters is breaching your contract as defined in your policy, the best thing to do is to contact our Missouri City fraudulent insurance company attorneys. They will fight for your rights through negotiations with your insurer, failure to which the matter will proceed to a court of law where a judge or jury will decide your case.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance

There are many ways and tactics insurance companies may act to violate the insurance obligations. It is important to watch out for any of the following behaviors and practices when settling your case:

Unreasonably Denying Your Claim

Insurance companies understand their rights better than most policyholders, which is how some of them walk away with bad insurance tactics unperturbed. They know your options are limited, especially when it’s your first time claiming compensation. Normally, insurance companies have the right to accept or deny claims. However, denying a claim must be followed with concrete reasons why they can’t accept your demands. There must be clear reasons that you understand, citing the facts of your claim and the specific policy exclusions that were relied upon to deny your claim.

Unseasonably Delaying Payments

Insurance companies may accept your claim but take ages to make payments. This can cause great damage to the claimant. You may be left staring at a financial crisis more so when medical expenses pile up, or when you have to adjust to a new way of life due to a disabling injury, but cannot due to lack of finances. An aggressive Missouri City insurance attorney will help fast-track the payments, so you can offset the bills on your end.

Lowering the Value of Your Claim

The sad reality about many insurance companies is that they would rather have money in their financial accounts than make payments to your account. Even when they do, insurance adjusters will ensure that you get the least amount possible while they retain a lion’s share. This is often seen during the first few days after reporting your accident or injury. The initial settlement offer is usually just a fraction of what you truly deserve. To protect yourself and ensure you get every coin you are entitled to, accepting the initial offer should be the last thing in your mind until your legal team evaluates the terms.

Misrepresenting a Policy

Insurance policies are contracts between insurance companies and the insured (those who buy the cover). As such, the terms and conditions will be set by the insurance companies’ attorneys. These terms are difficult for an average person to understand, and they know this. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see insurance adjusters claiming certain losses were not covered by the policy when in reality, they were. Misrepresenting a policy is a common tactic insurance companies use especially when top-dollar figures are at stake.

Contact a Missouri City Bad Faith Insurance Attorney to Protect Your Rights

When hiring a Missouri City bad faith insurance lawyer, you need one who regularly battles with insurance companies and recovers the most on behalf of their clients. If you were shortchanged by your insurer, it’s time to tell your story to us. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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