How Do Insurers Value Car Accident Claims in Missouri City?

When you are in an auto wreck, among the first things you do is to notify your insurance company about the crash. The idea is to start the claim process asap and get what your coverage provides. In most cases, this should be straightforward. It’s two parties fulfilling an agreement where one buys a cover and expects to be compensated when the insured risk arises, and the other fulfills this need.

However, many assurance firms don’t meet their end of the bargain as expected. They downplay and diminish claims made to protect their pockets. The people that work there may seem friendly, and will even go a notch higher to make you comfortable, but you shouldn’t mistake them for friends. You may not realize this when you get that first call from your insurance company, but surely will when it comes down to getting what you deserve. Understanding how insurers value car accident claims in Missouri City is the first step to realizing the compensation you deserve.

Factors Affecting the Value of a Claim

A lot of elements go into establishing the amount of compensation a claimant gets. Obviously, each case is unique, and thus presents different complexities when determining the value. However, there are basic features that can help paint a picture of what you should expect. They are:


Liability in car accidents is often a contested issue. Oftentimes, people will deny fault even when it’s straightforward. You shouldn’t expect anything different with your case, more so when there are unimaginable losses such as loss of lives, catastrophic injuries, and massive loss and damage to property. Nobody wants to carry financial responsibility for such losses, so you should be on the top of your game to pinpoint negligence in your case. If someone else is entirely to blame and is 51% or more at fault, you have a higher chance of getting compensated. On the other hand, if everything points back to you in regards to liability, then recovering compensation may be difficult.

Insurance Policy

The type of insurance cover you have plays a huge role in determining the value of your car accident claim in Missouri City. Typically, you will be appraised on the type of policy you buy, detailing the premiums you should pay as well as the coverage provided. When the insured risk occurs, you will have an idea of the limits of your insurance policy. For instance, Uber’s insurance policy caps third-party liability coverage at $1 million. If you are in an accident involving Uber, the compensation you receive should be in line with this coverage. Having a knowledgeable car accident attorney is prominent in understanding the components of your rights and what it means for your claim.

How Insurance Companies Will Value Your Claim

When you notify your to your insurers about the crash, they will swing into action and investigate the circumstances. They will review the losses and determine fault. Then the insurance adjusters will systematically take into consideration the following formulas:

The Damage’s Formula

This is the most common formula used by insurers to value car crash claims in Missouri City. An insurance adjuster will take into account the damages you suffered and establish a value for each. Medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages are among the most recurrent losses following an accident. They will be used as the base when valuing intangible losses such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium as well as emotional trauma. The outcome will be multiplied by a number depending on the severity of harm caused. Although each insurance company operates differently, most of them use a standard formula to value this type of claims.

Comparative Fault

As previously mentioned, liability is always at the core of car crash cases. If you are to blame for the accident, you are likely to have your claim denied. As a comparative fault state, Texas allows vehicle crash victims to recover compensation when they are partially to blame (49% or below). However, the amount recoverable is reduced based on your degree of fault.

Get In Touch To Learn How Insurance Companies Value Car Crash Claims in Missouri City

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