Cost of Hiring a Missouri City Personal Injury Attorney

If you were recently involved in an accident stemming from the negligence of another party, you may already be aware of your rights. Anyone who suffers serious injuries in a foreseeable accident caused by someone else is eligible for compensation as guaranteed under Texas personal injury laws. You may bring your claim against the other party’s insurance company or proceed to court. However, most cases are resolved through negotiations with insurance adjusters. A seasoned personal injury attorney is crucial in both scenarios.

Unfortunately, many personal injury victims are unable to achieve the justice they deserve, especially when they decide to handle these cases alone. To begin with, personal injury law is a complex legal matter that calls for qualified and experienced litigation. Without the necessary legal background, applying different laws and regulations in your case becomes an uphill task. Understanding the cost of hiring a Missouri City personal injury attorney and how payment for their services works will get you financially prepared even as you continue with treatment.

You Shouldn’t Pay for Initial Consultations

When searching for the best attorney, you are likely to speak to a few of them to know how much it cost to hire a Missouri City personal injury lawyer. Imagine having to pay for every consultation you make about your case. This will not only be time-wasting, but also detrimental to your financial muscles. Remember, you want to save as much as you can to help pay bills related to the losses suffered, as well as secure your future before an outcome is achieved. Therefore, the last thing you want is to receive an invoice from every attorney you consult with.

A caring personal injury attorney will be there to help carry your financial burden as far as initial consultations are concerned. Most attorneys including the teams at our firm will discuss your case for free. Oftentimes, free initial consultations convey a strong message in regards to the firm’s dedication to their clients as well as their ability to handle your claim. An attorney who charges for every first meeting with an injured person or possible client may have money as their motivation and not the desire to get you the compensation you deserve. That’s why you should narrow down your search to only those who offer free initial consultations when looking for the best attorney. But why look when our Lone Star Injury Attorneys are happy to help?

How Your Attorney Will Get Paid

The cost to hire a Missouri City personal injury lawyer varies from state to state and is also dependent on the firm’s policies. However, most personal injury law firms have a contingency fee arrangement in place that allows for their clients to get legal representation without paying any upfront fees. Attorney’s fees are only collected if a beneficial outcome is reached, and the injured person is compensated. Failure to settle means that no legal fees are charged. This arrangement is ideal for personal injury cases that have a high chance of settling. If your attorney takes up your case on a contingency fee policy, you are most likely to be compensated. That said, there are two major variations in this arrangement. They are:

Contingency Hourly Arrangement

As the name suggests, the contingency hourly arrangement works based on the time spent working on a case. Though your attorney gets paid only if they recover compensation, the amount they retain as legal fees is dependent on the hours spent on your case. The figures are reached by multiplying the base hourly rate by the hours spent. For instance, if they charge $50 per hour, and your case takes 100 hours to settle, you, therefore, owe them $5,000 if you get settled. The hourly rates vary from case to case, as well as the law firm handling your case, so it’s important to discuss this during the first meeting with your attorney.

Sliding Scale Arrangement

As with most attorneys, our team uses the sliding scale arrangement. The percentage owed to your attorney will vary depending on how long your case takes to resolve. For example, if your case settles with insurance companies, the rate may be 30% of your gross settlement. But if no agreement is realized, and your attorney proceeds to court, the rate will ultimately increase depending on how far your case goes.

Call us to Discuss the Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Missouri City

Our team understands the financial burden that can arise from an accident, which is why we prioritize our clients’ financial well-being. We alleviate the cost of hiring a Missouri City Personal Injury Attorney by not charging upfront legal fees for the cases we handle. This approach allows our clients to allocate their finances towards necessary treatment and other bills, ensuring they have the means to recover without additional financial strain.

We only collect attorney’s fees when our clients receive compensation for their injuries. By offering this arrangement, we aim to initiate your path towards financial freedom after an accident. To take the first step on this journey, call us today.

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