Missouri City Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing homes provide better care for older adults and those who are terminally sick. When choosing a long-term care facility for a loved one, many families do their homework to ensure they find one that is best for them in terms of care, security, and other general needs. Unfortunately, the unthinkable can happen despite the great efforts you make, and many of them are preventable but for negligence.

If a loved one suffered abuse or any form of neglect while under the care of a nursing home, teaming up with a Missouri City nursing home abuse lawyer can help secure the justice they deserve. Placing such significant trust in-home care service providers takes a lot of courage and finances, and as such, your loved one is owed quality care. Our caring personal injury attorneys can help hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Nursing home workers and service providers are sometimes the perpetrators of abuse to those under their care. Additionally, anyone who gains unlawful access to these premises may also cause unthinkable damage and harm to its residents. Sadly, it’s often difficult to pinpoint abuse. Understanding the telltale signs of abuse and neglect will ultimately help you recognize when your loved one may be in harm’s way so that you can intervene on their behalf.

Some of the most common red flags that may indicate abuse in nursing homes include:

  • Unusual emotional withdrawal
  • Physical wounds and bruises
  • Sexual abuse
  • Unexplained maladies and infections
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Unwarranted changes in the resident’s legal paperwork, such as will and power of attorney
  • Unexplained death

Nursing homes have a duty to ensure the safety of their residents. This stretches beyond physical wellness. Any forms of emotional harm also qualify as abuse and should be reported to relevant authorities. You should also bring up the matter with a skilled Missouri City nursing home abuse attorney for legal action.

How a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Discovering that your loved one has been suffering at the hands of nursing home staff can overwhelm and stress you. You don’t need to suffer the stress alone. In any case, your thoughts of goodwill shouldn’t be put into question just because of the negligence of another party. A compassionate Missouri City nursing home abuse attorney will find the responsible parties and hold them legally accountable for their actions.

While no compensation can be compared to the well-being of your loved one, the money you recover can greatly influence the course of life you and your loved one take. It will support the legal proceedings you file against the person or parties at fault, and also help cover the damages suffered by the victim. We have a proven track record of winning record-breaking settlements for our clients. Our attorneys will fiercely fight for your loved one’s rights and advocate for their best interests.

Damages in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

The damages your loved one can receive following any form of abuse in a nursing home vary depending on the specific harm suffered. Usually, compensation will cover emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, therapy costs, your lost wages for time not worked, as well as wrongful death. Our attorneys will assist you in demonstrating the economic and non-economic damages suffered.

Let a Missouri City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help

Don’t let your loved one suffer the consequences of neglect alone. We are deliberate about holding nursing homes and staff responsible for negligence. Our caring Missouri City nursing home abuse lawyers will handle your case on a contingency fee arrangement so you don’t need to worry about upfront legal fees or hidden expenses. Call us today to get started on the path to justice.

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