Katy Car Accident Trial Process

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Personal injury lawsuits involving car accidents can be very complex. You must meet set guidelines before you can successfully recover compensation. Understanding Texas personal injury laws within such a short time may be too much for you. If you have witnessed a court proceeding, you know how hectic the trial process can be.

Since you need to focus on treatment for your injuries, you ought to let a seasoned car accident lawyer fight for your deserved compensation. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, this is what we do best. We walk you through every step in the Katy car accident trial process, ensuring that you grasp every aspect of your case as things unfold.

Filing a Petition in Katy

After negotiations with insurance companies fail, the next step is filing a formal petition stating your demands through the court system.  Once you file this document, the litigation process has formally begun. You should be careful when filing a petition, as some mistakes during this step can ruin your entire vehicle collision case. The best thing you should do is retain an attorney to lead the process on your behalf.

Defendant Answering

When the defendant receives the petition, they write back (usually through legal counsel) accepting or denying the claims against them.  These denials are often vague and ask the Plaintiff to prove each and every one of his/her claims at trial.

Written Discovery

Written discovery is a laborious part of the auto accident trial process. In this phase, both legal counsels will exchange legal paperwork, answer questions and provide documents related to the case. Each side may object to certain requests for different reasons.  However, the information will help unravel the facts around the case at hand.

Depositions After  a Car Accident

Depositions refer to interviews normally carried out by the other side’s attorney in front of a court reporter. They are performed under oath by the parties involved in the car accident case, and the depositions can range from the defendant, plaintiffs, witnesses, and any other parties with crucial information regarding the matter at hand, including expert witnesses.

Expert Witnesses

The input of expert witnesses in any personal injury case is invaluable. Unlike eyewitnesses, they provide a detailed and expert analysis and report of your injuries and the circumstances around the car accident. Depending on your case, they may include doctors, accident reconstruction experts, therapists, economists, or life care planners.


Before going to trial, you will have one more shot at settling your case out-of-court through mediations. In Texas, the legal counsels representing both the defendant and the plaintiff discuss the case with a court-appointed mediator. The mediator only recommends solutions that could allow an amicable agreement between the two parties. He or she does not make a determination in any way.

Going to Trial

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. But some go to trial where a judge or jury listens to both parties before making a ruling. In contrast with a criminal trial, a civil case requires the plaintiff to show a preponderance of evidence as to the burden of proof.

The trial may take days, weeks, or months depending on the type of claim brought forward and the number of witnesses. Both legal counsels will present their cases in front of a judge or jury before a final determination is made. If they are convinced that you deserve compensation, an amount is set and the case is closed. But in case the ruling is not in your favor, you have the right to appeal. When retaining an attorney, you must make background checks on their past trials. A trial-tested lawyer is likely to result in a favorable outcome.

A Successful Trial Process Requires Experience & Adequate Preparation

Success is how you define it, and clearly, in this line of personal injury law, it entails putting a lot of work, time, and sacrifice into your case. The greatest injustice you can do to yourself at such a time is thinking you can take on the case process alone. Insurance companies and adjusters have mastered the art of defending these claims and will do everything in their power to dupe you into accepting a lowball settlement. They also may deny your claims altogether.

Let Our Attorneys in Katy Handle Your Car Accident Trial Process

The best way to aggressively fight for what you are entitled to is to let the experienced legal team from Lone Star Injury Attorneys handle your Katy car accident trial process. With our experience, expertise, networks, and resources, we will stop at nothing to ensure that no stone is left unturned until you get your rightful compensation. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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