Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Katy

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When a car accident occurs, it brings with it a lot of unwanted physical and emotional suffering. Ultimately, victims also go through financial hardships to try to get their life back on track. These crashes occur due to many reasons, some of which are human errors. Car accidents involving bad weather in Katy present a unique type of claim. Since nature can be unpredictable and often catches us off guard, you may find yourself in an accident caused by inclement weather conditions.

Out of the over 6 million motor vehicle accidents that occur in the United States each year, the U.S Department of Transportation found that at least 21% of these cases involve bad weather conditions. Sadly, some of them are fatal, resulting in grave injuries and often, deaths. If you suffered harm in a similar accident, you should discuss your legal options with a qualified car accident lawyer.

The Duty of Care Doesn’t Change in Inclement Weather

Each driver in Texas has to maintain their duty of care towards other road users regardless of weather conditions. The only thing that’s supposed to change is their behavior on the road. They must be extra careful while driving in rain, snow, fog, or mist. Some of the widely accepted safe driving habits in bad weather include:

  • Turning on headlights when visibility is reduced due to fog
  • Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Slowing down and maintaining manageable speeds
  • Using tire chains when driving in icy roads
  • Using windshield wipers when driving in rainfall

With the above-mentioned examples of safe driving habits in inclement weather conditions, liability becomes easy to establish. But even so, you still need a seasoned attorney to fully determine the parties likely to be at fault for your injuries after a bad weather accident.

How Do I Prove the Other Driver Was Negligent?

As earlier mentioned, proving liability in an auto accident involving inclement weather in Katy can be an uphill task. But everything changes when you put safe driving habits into focus. For example, if the driver was speeding in heavy rainfall or fog, you may argue that they failed to act responsibly. But how do you prove this?

Tangible evidence in any personal injury claim is very essential. It’s the basis on which your case is built and determined. Eyewitnesses can be crucial. Their accounts of what transpired could be the turning point of your case. So always ensure that you record their contact information to speak to them in the future.

Additionally, a majority of vehicles today are fitted with dash cameras. If you were in an accident, the footage may help establish the party likely to be at fault. A good car accident attorney will also reach out to local authorities and access traffic footage from the scene. All these may be admissible in court as evidence if your case goes to trial.

Lastly, accident reconstruction experts may also provide much-needed proof that the other driver was at fault. They use the facts around your case to reconstruct the accident scene. So when retaining an attorney for your case, inquire what kind of experts they would use for your case.  You’re looking for liability experts like mechanical engineers, as well as damage experts such as epidemiologist, life care planners, and economists.

Is the Driver Always to Blame?

Sometimes, injured parties rush to blame the bad weather accident. However, liability doesn’t always fall on drivers alone. In some very common occurrences, other parties may be to blame. For example, if a driver maintained safe driving practices, but a distracted pedestrian makes a dash across oncoming traffic, he or she may not be to blame if they lose control and veer off the road.

Similarly, any defective vehicle part such as tires may result in a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Local state agencies and road construction companies may also be the defendants in a claim resulting from a car accident caused by poor road designs and conditions.

Truly, it can be difficult to establish the full extent of liability if you don’t retain an attorney. Because our car accident lawyers are FREE to retain, you should always consider talking to an attorney about your case. You’re guaranteed professionalism and confidentiality when dealing with your case.

Retain an Attorney for a Bad Weather Accident Case in Katy

Dealing with a reckless driver and a stubborn insurance adjuster is something you shouldn’t ever do alone. You need to team up with a more aggressive legal team that understands how to deal with car accidents involving bad weather in Katy. For the best legal assistance, please call our offices to speak with a lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

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