Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Katy

two people inside a car driving in the rain

When a car accident happens, it often results in significant unwanted physical and emotional suffering. The victims may also face financial hardships as they strive to get their lives back on track. Such crashes can occur for a variety of reasons, including human errors. Accidents involving inclement weather in Katy, for example, present a unique type of claim. Nature’s unpredictability often catches us off guard, leading to accidents caused by adverse weather conditions.

Of the more than 6 million motor vehicle accidents occurring in the United States annually, the U.S. Department of Transportation has found that at least 21% of these incidents are weather-related. Tragically, some of these accidents are fatal, leading to serious injuries and, in some cases, death. If you have suffered harm in a weather-related accident, it may be wise to consult with a qualified car accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

The Duty of Care Remains Unchanged in Inclement Weather

In Texas, every driver must maintain a duty of care toward other road users, regardless of weather conditions. What should change is their behavior on the road. Drivers must exercise extra caution when driving in rain, snow, fog, or mist. Some widely accepted safe driving practices in adverse weather conditions include:

  • Turning on headlights when fog reduces visibility
  • Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Slowing down to maintain manageable speeds
  • Using tire chains on icy roads
  • Employing windshield wipers in rainy conditions

With these examples of safe driving habits, establishing liability in inclement weather conditions becomes more straightforward. However, you would still benefit from the assistance of a seasoned attorney to accurately determine the parties likely to be at fault for any injuries sustained in a bad weather accident.

How Can I Prove the Other Driver Was Negligent?

As previously mentioned, establishing liability in an auto accident involving inclement weather in Katy can be a challenging task. However, the situation shifts when safe driving habits become the focus. For instance, if the other driver was speeding during heavy rainfall or fog, you may argue that they acted irresponsibly. But how do you substantiate this claim?

Tangible evidence is vital in any personal injury claim, as it forms the foundation upon which your case is built and judged. Eyewitness testimony can be invaluable, with witnesses’ accounts potentially serving as the turning point for your case. Be sure to record their contact information so that you or your attorney can reach out to them later.

Furthermore, many vehicles today are equipped with dash cameras. If your accident was captured on camera, the footage might help identify the party likely at fault. A skilled car accident attorney may also liaise with local authorities to obtain traffic footage from the scene, which could be admissible in court if your case goes to trial.

Finally, the expertise of accident reconstruction specialists may offer compelling proof that the other driver was to blame. These experts use the specific facts of your situation to recreate the accident scene. When selecting an attorney, inquire about the types of experts they may engage for your case. Look for those who collaborate with liability experts such as mechanical engineers, as well as damage experts like epidemiologists, life care planners, and economists.

Is the Driver Always to Blame?

It’s not uncommon for injured parties to hastily attribute fault to the driver in a bad weather accident. However, liability doesn’t always rest solely with the driver. In some common scenarios, other parties may be at fault. For instance, if a driver is adhering to safe driving practices and a distracted pedestrian suddenly dashes into oncoming traffic, the driver may not be to blame if they lose control and veer off the road.

Similarly, a defective vehicle part, such as a tire, might lead to a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Local state agencies or road construction companies could also become defendants in a claim stemming from an accident caused by poor road design or conditions.

Indeed, determining the full scope of liability can be complex if you don’t have legal representation. Considering that our car accident lawyers offer their services at no initial cost, it is always advisable to discuss your case with an attorney. You can expect professionalism and confidentiality when entrusting your case to our team.

Hire an Attorney for a Bad Weather Accident Case in Katy

Facing a reckless driver or negotiating with a stubborn insurance adjuster is a task you should never undertake on your own. It’s essential to collaborate with a skilled legal team that has the experience and tenacity to handle car accidents involving inclement weather in Katy. For superior legal assistance, please contact our offices to consult with an attorney from Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

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