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One of the many lessons that drivers have to learn before they are licensed to operate a vehicle is the issue of yielding to other road users. While most of them adhere to traffic rules regarding the right of way, some act in absolute disregard for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. When two vehicles approach an intersection, one driver must yield the road. If that doesn’t happen, the aftermath can be fatal.

If you have suffered serious injuries following a failure to yield accident in Texas, you may have a claim against the negligent driver. You will need a Katy failure to yield accident lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys to ensure you receive maximum recovery for your injuries. Our seasoned legal teams have years of experience and will use our expertise to help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. We represent all our clients on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if your case is successful and you receive compensation.

How Failure to Yield Accidents Occur in Katy

Drivers don’t necessarily need to come across a yield sign to give up the right of way. Some scenarios make it mandatory for them to do so, but not all drivers stop when they should. State laws require that they yield in every appropriate situation, whether there are yield signs or not. Most failure to yield accidents occur when a driver:

  • Approaches an intersection with a solid green light and turns left without yielding
  • Fails to yield the right of way to police vehicles, ambulances, or fire engines
  • Fails to yield to a pedestrian crossing the street
  • Fails to give up the road to cross traffic at intersections
  • Fails to yield when pulling out of a parking lot or side street.

If a driver’s failure to observe the above-mentioned rules results in a failure to yield crash, an accredited Katy attorney may initiate civil charges against them.

How Fault Works in a Failure to Yield Accident Case

Like many other personal injury cases, your failure to yield accident case will be determined based on fault. The party that bears liability will compensate you for your economic and non-economic losses. However, their fault would have to be 51% or higher than the other driver’s fault.

Apart from being an at-fault state, Texas also allows for comparative negligence through the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 33.001. In what may be regarded as one of the downsides of this rule, your compensation is reduced based on your percentage of fault. For example, if you are awarded $200,000 as a settlement, and you bear 40% of the fault, your final value will be less than this percentage, making it $120,000. A seasoned failure to yield accident attorney will discuss how such systems work and help you recover maximum compensation.

What Determines Whether to Sue or Settle with Insurance Companies?

Following an accident, you will be at a crossroads trying to establish what course of action is best for you. To begin with, most personal injury cases are settled through negotiations with an insurance company. But that is just the start, you may also decide to forego negotiations and head straight to court. To a great extent, your decision to proceed to trial or settle out of court is dependent on two major factors:

The Extent of Damages Suffered

If you suffered serious and permanent injuries, you may want to have your case determined by a jury. Through your lawyer, you may also be eligible for punitive damages in your failure to yield accident case. The best thing about going to court is that you stand to get a better deal than when dealing with insurance companies. So if someone was killed, or you suffered huge financial losses following an accident, your case should be determined by a jury.

The Willingness of Insurance Companies to Cooperate

Sometimes, working with insurance companies can be traumatizing. Apart from trying to lower your claims, insurance adjusters may also try to deny liability altogether. Holding talks with profit-oriented companies may be draining. If your insurance company is not cooperating, you should proceed to trial. However, if your attorney strikes a fair deal, then settling out-of-court could be the best option.

Why Choose a Katy Failure to Yield Accident Attorney from Lone Star Injury Attorneys?

The decision to retain an attorney for your case is perhaps the biggest you can make in your quest for compensation. However, finding a law firm that listens and discusses your case to the fullest might be a problem. Since not all lawyers are accredited to practice personal injury law, you must find one from a reputable law firm that invests in every case. Our Katy failure to yield accident lawyers listen intently to matters at hand and ensure that you are part of the process from start to finish. To talk to us, please schedule a FREE case evaluation right away. We are here to listen to you.

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