Expert Witnesses in a Katy Car Accident Case

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If you have watched a court proceeding in a Texas car accident case, you have probably seen how complex proving a claim can be. One area of concern for many car accident victims is liability. Without proving that another party was at fault through a preponderance of evidence, recovering compensation becomes almost impossible. There are many ways you can prove liability. One of them is through the use of expert witnesses in a Katy car accident case.

An expert witness can be used by both the defendant or the plaintiff. But in most personal injury cases, more experts are used by the injured victim (plaintiff) to prove that the accident wasn’t their fault, and they suffered serious harm. When retaining an auto wreck attorney, it’s in your best interests that you choose one that has reputable experience working with expert witnesses. They are an integral part in your pursuit of justice. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we have years of experience working with different types of expert witnesses.

Differences Between an Expert Witness and Eyewitness

A very huge difference exists between eyewitnesses and expert witnesses in a vehicle collision case. Each plays a different role in the claim process, but the ultimate goal is to help you win your case. An eyewitness is often at the scene of the accident moments before the crash. They see everything as things transpire. They provide a detailed account of how the vehicles collided, and who they think is to blame. They also help record information such as the number of parties involved, the types of vehicles involved, weather conditions, and the state of the road at the time of the crash. After a Katy car accident, it’s important that you obtain their contact information.

On the other hand, an expert witness doesn’t see the accident as it unfolds. On the contrary, they are hired after a crash to help the jury understand what happened by looking at the evidence. They are professionals in their fields of expertise, and are only called upon to dissect issues regarding liability or to prove the injuries you suffered. Although they did not see the accident happen, they provide useful information and accounts based on the facts around your case. Using their hands-on experience, they may help explain nuanced and complex issues around your accident.

Types of Expert Witnesses in a Katy Car Accident Case

Expert witnesses can help any complex car accident cases. They break down concepts around the crash that are difficult for an average person to understand. As mentioned earlier, they are widely used by the plaintiff’s legal team to cement their claim. Expert witnesses in a Katy car accident case may include:

Accident Reconstructionists

These are experts who use the facts about your case to re-create the accident scene. The main objective is to determine liability by explaining how and why the car accident occurred.

Traffic Safety Experts

This group of experts is knowledgeable in traffic laws. They have hands-on experience in highway designs, traffic flow on major highways as well as how road conditions may contribute to a crash. Through their testimonials, traffic safety experts explain the moments before the crash.

Medical Doctors

After a car accident, you are always advised to seek medical evaluation especially when it’s crystal clear that you have been injured. Apart from getting treatment, this allows your legal team to work with the doctors when building your case. Surgeons, nurses, and general doctors help prove that the car accident was the proximate cause of your injuries.

After a horrific car accident, you may also face emotional trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. A mental health expert divulges such losses before the judge or jury. Their input is invaluable especially when proving an intangible loss.

Financial Experts/Economists

Obviously, a car accident results in financial losses. Whether it’s through treatment for your injuries or property repair, you will suffer tangible losses. An economist helps put into perspective the implications of your injuries and damages. They also help calculate the value of your claim.

Get the Right Expert Witnesses for Your Car Accident Case in Katy

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, you know by now the importance of expert witnesses in a Katy car accident case. Moving forward, you need a legal team that works closely with different experts towards your common goal which is to recover maximum compensation. The attorneys at our firm are dedicated to retaining the best experts for your case. To speak with us, please fill our online contact form or call us today for a free consultation.

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