Filing a Car Accident Case in Katy

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Car accidents are a distressingly frequent occurrence on Texas highways. As reported by the Texas Department of Transportation, the year 2019 witnessed 3,893 fatalities, with thousands more suffering serious injuries. Despite concerted efforts by state and federal governments to reduce these numbers, they continue to rise. If you have sustained injuries in a Katy car accident, you are entitled to seek maximum compensation for your damages and losses.

Navigating the process of filing a car accident claim in Katy can be complex. Proving the negligence of the other party and their responsibility for your injuries might seem straightforward. However, the real challenge often lies in establishing the genuine value of your injuries, the intensity of your pain and suffering, and the true extent of what has been taken from your life. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are well-versed in Texas car accident laws and have successfully helped victims like you obtain the justice they deserve. Your path to justice begins with scheduling a FREE case evaluation with one of our proficient car wreck attorneys.

What it Takes to Successfully File a Vehicle Collision Case in Katy

To file a lawsuit in Katy successfully, you must undertake certain vital steps immediately after an auto wreck occurs. The success of your claim largely rests with you. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to comprehend the key stages that constitute the car accident claim process.

Collecting Information from the Scene

The car accident claim process commences at the site of the crash. It’s vital to gather as much information as possible from the scene. A critical step involves obtaining the other party’s insurance information. This knowledge guides your likely course of action and reveals how the information provided will affect your case. For instance, if the other driver is found to be uninsured, you would have to file a car accident claim against either your insurance company or the individual party.

You should also record the following essential details:

  • Time and location of the accident
  • Names, contact information, and addresses of those involved
  • Types and descriptions of the vehicles involved
  • Photos and videos capturing the scene

Before collecting evidence or any additional information, make sure to assess yourself for injuries. If you are severely injured, enlist someone you trust to collect this information on your behalf.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

The next step in filing a car accident case in Katy, following the collection of the other driver’s insurance information, involves negotiations with the insurance company. Many personal injury cases reach resolution at this stage, depending on the adjuster’s willingness to negotiate. The seriousness of your injuries often guides the initial settlement offer, marking the commencement of negotiations. Under the Texas Insurance Code 542.056, insurance companies have a window of 15 to 45 days to respond to your claim.

Regrettably, it’s not uncommon for insurance adjusters to act in bad faith, particularly when significant compensation is involved. They may attempt to argue that your injuries were self-inflicted or unrelated to the accident or that you were partially responsible for the crash. Such arguments can result in reduced compensation, in line with Texas’s comparative fault rules. To safeguard your interests, retaining a proactive lawyer who comprehends the strategies employed by insurance companies to evade responsibility is highly advisable.

Proceeding to Trial/Court

A settlement with insurance companies is far from a certainty. The recovery of damages often hinges on the decisions made by insurance adjusters. Should you firmly believe that the offers extended to you fail to represent your actual losses, taking your case to court may be the next step. There, a judge or jury will scrutinize your claim and render a verdict. Navigating this process can be highly complex, especially for those without legal expertise. Should you choose to represent yourself, you may find yourself bewildered by the rules governing court procedure and the evidence required. This confusion can be circumvented by enlisting the aid of a trial-tested Katy car accident attorney. Their seasoned experience and legal acumen are invaluable for:

  • Filing necessary legal paperwork
  • Recording witness testimonials
  • Conducting depositions
  • Establishing liability
  • Assessing the full scope of your injuries
  • Challenging rulings or judgments

The prospect of retaining an attorney shouldn’t be intimidating. Many personal injury law firms, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys, operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning they will only receive payment if your car accident case is successful and results in compensation.

Filing a Car Accident Case in Katy? Speak with Our Experienced Attorneys

The process of filing a car accident case in Katy can be daunting, particularly when you’re trying to balance recovery from injuries with the complexities of the legal process. You don’t have to face this challenge alone. By retaining a knowledgeable car accident lawyer, you can navigate the intricate landscape of personal injury law with confidence. Contact us today for assistance.

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