Settling a Katy Car Accident Case

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Car accidents in Texas have skyrocketed in recent years due to the increasing number of vehicle owners. Although they are expected to operate these vehicles within the set state and federal traffic rules, not all drivers are obedient. Reckless driving has been attributed to thousands of deaths and injuries each year according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Even with developed infrastructures in and around Texas, more innocent victims continue to suffer at the hands of negligent drivers.

While not all vehicular crashes are caused by drivers, it’s true to say that most of them are. As such, they are often the defendants in personal injury claims. If you are planning on settling a Katy car accident case, it is crucial to work with a legal professional. A good car accident attorney from our reputable firm is all you need to get started.

How Does Settlement Work in a Car Crash Case?

Before you go to court, there’s always a window for you to settle with insurance companies. It could be through your PIP coverage or through the liability insurance policy of the defendant. Settling a case begins right at the scene of the crash. This is where you exchange insurance information with the other driver. You should request this information before leaving the scene. By notifying insurance companies about your injuries and the accident, the settlement process is deemed to have started.

The next step will often be communicating with the insurance company. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries and the crash, they may be easy to work with or not. However, the latter is usually the case. Insurance adjusters are in the business of maximizing their profits for their insurance company. Since the easiest way to do this is to reduce the amount that each injured party receives, they may deny your claims or make a very low settlement offer.  At this point, it’s in your best interests that you let a qualified and aggressive Katy car accident attorney handle communication with the insurance company.

Your attorney will oversee the exchange of facts and evidence with the insurance adjuster, ensuring that you are not hoodwinked into signing off your rights. Documents such as medical and police reports will be availed to prove your innocence and the harm suffered. But even if you were partially at fault, you may still be eligible for compensation. However, your degree of liability must be 49% or below. From here, both parties will engage in back-and-forth negotiations until a fair settlement is reached. In case they fail, your attorney may proceed to trial.

What is a Fair Settlement?

Insurance companies will tell you that there is no absolute objective measure to what a fair settlement is. However, you can at least use your economic losses to partially calculate the value of your claim and determine the amount to demand from insurance companies. Putting together all your tangible losses may be easy, but the biggest problem will be quantifying intangible losses such as pain and suffering into monetary terms. You can solve this dilemma by hiring a resourceful Katy lawyer with a good track record of working with financial experts to quantify your future medical needs and likelihood of future pain.

Generally, auto accident settlements inclde compensation for:

  • Past & future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Lost financial benefits/premiums
  • Burial/funeral costs in case of wrongful death
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Emotional suffering
  • Pain & suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Your attorney will compile all records and statements to prove these losses. Every loss should be well documented and presented to your legal team during initial consultations.

Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Insurance Companies in Katy

Unfortunately, you may be so eager to settle that you end up saying things that could hurt your car accident case. No matter how much you feel obliged to speak, there are certain things you should never say. Your ability to settle may be compromised if you say things like:

  • “I’m Sorry”
  • “I’ll Accept your Offer”
  • “I’m Okay”

These are just some of the scenarios that could greatly lower your settlement or hurt your case. For example, saying anything that could be interpreted as admitting liability could lead to the dismissal of your claim. Texas, requires that the party responsible for the accident pays for damages caused. Therefore, any admission means you are to blame, and as such, the insurance company likely will not settle your claim for it’s full value.

Don’t Know How to Settle Your Car Accident Case? Our Katy Attorneys Could Help

Settling a Katy car accident case requires in-depth knowledge of the rules around personal injury law in Texas. Our firm is widely known for its expertise when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies. We do our best to recover the best settlement possible. To discuss your case, please call us or fill our online contact form and get started on your road to financial recovery.

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