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Losing a loved one can be traumatizing, but it’s more painful knowing that someone else was responsible. Under Texas laws, the surviving family members or estate of the deceased may bring a case forward seeking compensation. A wrongful death lawsuit or survival action may be filed. Our personal injury attorneys are here to help. 

As expected, the settlement process can be disturbing, especially when dealing with selfish insurance companies. They may deny your claims or push you to the edge so you can give up on your constitutional rights. However, you don’t need to go through all these hassles when our compassionate and aggressive Harlingen wrongful death lawyers are here to help.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death, and Should I Hire an Attorney?

Any death caused by the reckless behavior or negligence of another party qualifies as wrongful death. In these circumstances, the deceased’s estate or any other legally appointed party may file a claim seeking compensation on behalf of their loved one. On top of that, they also stand a chance of collecting damages for losses they directly incur, such as emotional trauma and burial costs.

While you may not think of immediately retaining a Harlingen wrongful death lawyer, the recovery process is complicated. Therefore, you will need professional legal counsel on what steps to take, whether you qualify for compensation, the value of your claim, and what course of action to take for maximum settlement. A seasoned and caring wrongful death attorney is best suited to answer all questions regarding survival action and wrongful death claims.

Damages You May Recover in a Wrongful Death Claim

The costs that follow the death of a loved one are often substantial. Although some of them may be difficult to measure, you can establish a dollar value to your losses. A knowledgeable Harlingen wrongful death lawyer may help you and other surviving family members get the compensation you deserve.  In that spirit, you should let an attorney handle your case so they can retain financial experts to determine the full extent of losses you suffered.

Typically, a successful wrongful death claim may result in compensation for:

  • Deceased’s medical expenses before their death
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages for the time the deceased was out of work
  • Lost financial benefits of the deceased
  • Loss of parental care
  • Loss of companionship
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

The extent to which you may collect damages in a wrongful death claim is based on the specific facts of your case. A compassionate Harlingen wrongful death attorney will dedicate their time and resources to establish the financial implications you suffer following the loss of your loved one. 

Criminal & Civil Lawsuits in Wrongful Death

In many cases, some people get confused on the kind of lawsuit to file in wrongful death. Texas court systems allow for two major categories of charges, criminal and civil. A criminal suit in a wrongful death claim may be brought forward by a state prosecutor mainly on behalf of the government. This is particularly the case in situations where federal or state laws have been disregarded, resulting in someone’s death. In other scenarios, they may be representing the deceased’s family who are in pursuit of honoring their loved one by ensuring justice is served. Often, the party at fault is fined, jailed, or both.

On the other hand, a civil lawsuit is spearheaded by the deceased estate through an attorney. The primary goal is to get the compensation that the deceased would have been eligible for were they alive. Furthermore, a successful wrongful death lawsuit also allows surviving family members to collect damages for losses they suffer due to the absence of their loved ones. This is usually the case in situations where they were the sole breadwinners.

Both lawsuits may run simultaneously, but some attorneys prefer waiting for criminal charges to be initiated so they can recover evidence from the state attorney. However, this may take a long time, thus prolonging the settlement process. For this reason, our Harlingen wrongful death lawyers don’t wait but instead swing into action the moment you reach out to us. We understand what honoring your loved one means and are ready to help you overcome grief as soon as possible.

Reach Out to Our Experienced Harlingen Wrongful Death Attorneys Today

There is no better satisfaction than knowing that justice has been served to your loved one. That’s why our dedicated Harlingen wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to helping you hold the parties at fault accountable for their actions. Please commit to contact us to get your case started.

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