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When an adult is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party, they are likely to qualify for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Similarly, a child who suffers harm under the same circumstances may collect damages for the injuries suffered. However, the only difference is that children are not allowed to pursue compensation on their own. Instead, the claim is brought forward by their parents or guardian.

A catastrophic injury to a child can cause a lot of devastation to them and their family. Most of these injuries happen under the watch of adults who are required to guarantee their safety. For this reason, an injury claim may be filed against them for compensation. In the unfortunate event that your child is killed, a compassionate Harlingen child injury lawyer may help you file a wrongful death claim. Although no settlement can equal the damages suffered, the money you receive can help you get the best medical care for your child or give them a befitting sendoff.

Significant Ways that Children Suffer Harm

No matter where a child is, an adult is often bestowed with looking after them. However, some fail to observe the duty of care. Regardless, any actions or inactions that cause harm to a child are not only punishable by Texas laws but also set the stage for a civil lawsuit. Some of the common cases our Harlingen child injury lawyers have handled stem from:

  • Animal attacks- Almost every household in the United States has a dog. Even with numerous regulations regarding safety, dog bites continue to cause grave harm and trauma, particularly to children. Dog owners are required to ensure the general public’s safety by leashing their dogs while in public.
  • School bus accidents– Although most people entrust the safety of their children to school bus drivers, some have suffered harm at the hands of negligent operators and motorists. Distracted driving is among the significant causes of auto wrecks in Texas. Even with school bus drivers prohibited from using their cell phones while carrying children, these accidents continue to occur.
  • Playground accidents- Slip and fall accidents are most common in playground accidents. Although it may be assumed that nobody has control over these accidents, the truth of the matter is someone can be held responsible. For instance, if the management was aware of hazardous conditions but failed to warn visitors, they may be blameworthy for any accidents that arise.
  • Fire accidents- Workplaces, homes, and highways are common areas where fire accidents may occur. If the negligence of another party causes the outbreak, they may be at fault for the injuries and losses that follow. Explosions at home often emanate from faulty equipment such as electrical appliances and gas cylinders.
  • Defective products- Children enjoy handling toys. Unfortunately, some of them do not meet the safety standards as enshrined under OSHA guidelines. They may be faulty toys or appliances. A product liability claim may be filed against the manufacturers by a knowledgeable Harlingen child injury lawyer.

No matter the circumstances in which your child was injured, a personal injury claim may be filed as long as negligence and liability can be established. You also need to show causation, and the link between the accident and injuries suffered. This is an area that our caring Harlingen child injury lawyers specialize in.

An Attorney is Crucial in a Child Injury Case

It’s not mandatory to retain an attorney in a personal injury case, but there is so much to benefit if you let a Harlingen child injury attorney pursue justice on your behalf. They have the experience, resources, and skills to get you the compensation you desperately need to meet your child’s new needs, such as treatment. A qualified child injury lawyer will help you prove that:

  • A legal duty of care existed.
  • The duty was breached.
  • The breach was the proximate cause of your child’s injuries
  • You suffered damages

How Our Harlingen Child Injury Lawyers Can Help

Proving the above elements of negligence requires a lot of work. There are witnesses to talk to, legal paperwork to be filed, and expert witnesses to retain. All these can be daunting, especially when you have to be by your child’s side. It would help if you let the compassionate Harlingen child injury lawyers at our firm get your child the justice they are entitled to. You see, we understand how financially constrained you may be, and offer to represent you at absolutely no cost unless you get paid. This way, you can focus on the most important thing; your child’s wellbeing. Contact our offices today for help with your case.

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