Harlingen Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a bicycle accident rarely calls for an alarm. In fact, most people get up and dust themselves off as if nothing happened. While most of these cases are minor, some can be devastating, especially when involving a collision with objects or vehicles. The injuries may have far-reaching consequences for the victim and their loved ones.

If you have fallen victim to the negligent conduct of another party, it’s essential that you speak with a skilled personal injury attorney. Our Harlingen bicycle accident lawyers are here to help. Depending on the facts of your accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for economic and non-economic damages. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand the importance of bicycles and their role in decongesting our roadways. We also respect bicyclists who use them to unwind after a long week at work. For these reasons, we endeavor to fight for our client’s rights when they suffer harm due to negligence.

Do I Have a Bicycle Accident Claim?

The most popular misconception around personal injury law is that you automatically qualify for compensation merely because you suffered harm, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Your eligibility to file a claim is dependent on the specific circumstances of your accident. Regardless of whether you collided with another vehicle or fell off from your bicycle, you may lodge a claim only if someone else was negligent. Generally, you need to prove that:

A Duty of Care Existed

Under Texas tort laws, a duty of care is the legal obligation imposed on an individual or party, requiring strict adherence to safety rules when carrying out activities that would cause foreseeable harm to others. This applies to parties in different industries. In a bicycle accident claim, you must show that the other party owed you a duty of care. For example, motorists in Texas are prohibited from drunk driving, which would be a catalyst to traffic accidents.

The Duty was Breached

A breach of duty of care is deemed to have occurred when the actions of another party result in physical injuries or losses to someone else. Using the example mentioned earlier, a motorist who gets behind the wheels while drunk is assumed to have breached their duty of care. Proving this aspect requires extensive investigations into your case. A seasoned Harlingen bicycle accident lawyer may retain accident reconstruction experts to unravel the circumstances of your accident.

The Breach Was the Proximate Cause of Your Injuries

The third fundamental element of proving negligence is causation. In other words, you must prove that the injuries you suffered resulted from the defendant’s negligent behavior. Basically, any form of injury that existed before your bicycle accident is not compensable. That’s why our personal injury attorneys insist on the need for immediate medical evaluation when an accident occurs. This way, your physician can link your injuries to the bicycle accident. 

You Suffered Damages

The primary reason why personal injury lawsuits are filed is to collect damages for losses suffered following a devastating accident. You may recover compensation for injuries sustained and property damages. Evaluating the extent of your losses may be difficult, more so if you experienced a catastrophic injury. For example, it would be easy to put a dollar figure on a minor cut or bruise, but doing the same in a spinal cord injury may be impossible. The latter may hinder your ability to work effectively throughout your life, therefore making it mandatory to consider your unseen losses. A resourceful Harlingen bicycle accident attorney is an excellent asset in calculating the value of your injury claim.

A Reputable Attorney is Crucial for Maximum Compensation

Your ability to recover any compensation from insurance companies or the defendant is based on how best you prepare your case. Unfortunately, it is unlikely you have the requisite knowledge and skills to make a solid case. An experienced Harlingen bicycle accident lawyer understands the complexities of these cases and knows how to maneuver them. They are good negotiators and can tell a fair settlement from an unfair one. Even if your case goes to trial, they know how to use expert witnesses and convince the jury to award punitive damages. In any case, you have nothing to lose by retaining a bicycle accident lawyer from our firm since we handle cases on a contingency fee arrangement.

Contact an Attorney If You Have Been Involved in a Bicycle Accident in Harlingen

Nothing can prepare you for a bicycle accident. Insurance companies may rush to compensate you so you can sign off your rights. It would be best if you didn’t accept any offers until an assertive Harlingen bicycle accident lawyer reviews your case to establish the worth of your claim. You can get started on your journey to compensation by scheduling a free case evaluation with us today.

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