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The construction sector in the United States is a multibillion-dollar industry. Thousands of households have direct employment from road construction, real estate, and other forms of construction. Texas is particularly a major hub for infrastructural development in the region. This makes it ideal for different activities, and being a transit hub, thousands of motorists rely on our roads and highways.

As we celebrate the milestones brought about by construction activities, we must not disregard the dangers that come with them. People face the same risks that are common with traffic accidents and other forms of negligence. If you or your loved one is facing a problematic aftermath following an accident, you may have a claim. There is no accurate measure to your eligibility than retaining a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Our Harlingen construction accident lawyers are here to help. With their experience, they will review your case and establish whether negligence played a role. If so, you may qualify for compensation.

Negligence in Construction Site Accidents

There are many reasons why construction site accidents are common, even with safety measures in place. The circumstances of your accident and your relationship with the party at fault will determine what legal action to take for compensation. For example, if you are an employee, you may be eligible for Worker’s Compensation. This way, you may collect damages from your employer. However, if you are a third party, a personal injury claim against the negligent party is most suitable for compensation.

Unfortunately, most accidents that happen in construction sites occur due to negligence. Parties required to maintain a legal duty of care fail to do so, causing harm to innocent parties. The most prevalent causes are:

Third-Party Negligence

Different parties may be found on a construction site. There are contractors, subcontractors, managers, and general employees. Negligent conduct from any of them may be catastrophic in the end. For instance, if one of them fails to maintain their duty of care and negligently places their tools in positions likely to cause harm, a civil lawsuit may be brought against them.

Poor Maintenance of Equipment

There are different types of equipment on a construction site. The property owner and contractors have a legal duty to ensure they are adequately maintained regularly. They must periodically carry out safety inspections for their machinery to ensure they are in good working condition. When an employer fails to do this, and an accident occurs, they may have a case to answer.

Safety Violations

Apart from providing safety equipment for workers, contractors and employers must adhere to safety guidelines that are enshrined by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). For example, they must put up visible warning signs in case of hazardous material or dangerous situations. In the instance where they do not, a motorist approaching a construction site may be injured in an accident. A qualified Harlingen construction accident lawyer should prepare a solid case against them for violating safety rules.

Liability in Construction Site Accidents

The party you are likely to sue is dependent on the cause of your injury or accident. Since no party will admit fault without a fight, you need an aggressive Harlingen construction accident lawyer to step up the fight against selfish insurance companies and defendants. A personal injury claim resulting from a construction site accident is likely to involve:

  • Property/premises owner
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Employers
  • Individual employees
  • Local state agencies
  • Motorists due to distracted driving

Establishing how you were injured is crucial to determining liability. Therefore, you need a seasoned attorney who specializes in personal injury law to review the facts of your case. You may lack the skills and resources to maneuver through the complex requirements that must be met before recovering compensation.

Costs of Hiring an Attorney

Luckily, you don’t need to pay upfront legal fees to get your case started. Most personal injury law firms in Texas work on a contingency fee arrangement. This means they only get paid if you are compensated. They retain an agreed percentage of your final payout. You shouldn’t give up on your rights because you don’t have the money to pay an attorney. Our Harlingen construction accident lawyers understand the importance of channeling your resources to treatment.

Contact an Attorney if You Have Been Involved in a Harlingen Construction Accident

Navigating through a construction accident lawsuit can be challenging, more so if you suffered catastrophic harm. There are many parties involved and numerous regulations governing this industry. To ease the process and allow yourself to focus on treatment, you should contact our lawyers today.

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