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Supermarkets and grocery stores are among the most frequented places in Texas. They are abuzz with activities, especially on holidays and weekends. This means hundreds of people in one sitting without proper coordination. While most trips go without an incident, some end tragically. Supermarket accidents, although uncommon, can be devastating. It only takes the negligence of one party to suffer serious bodily harm. When this happens, victims have the right to demand compensation from the parties responsible. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these rights.

If you or your loved one is nursing injuries sustained in a supermarket accident, someone could have been at fault. The accurate measure of liability is ensuring your case is reviewed by a seasoned Harlingen supermarket accident lawyer. By doing so, no stone is left unturned, and every aspect of your accident is put to focus before establishing fault. It would help if you got your case started as soon as possible by scheduling a free case evaluation with the proficient personal injury lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys today.

How Supermarket Injuries Occur

There are different ways that you may suffer harm while in a supermarket. The severity of the damage you suffer will be dependent on an array of factors, including the type of accident you are involved in. It’s essential to retain a seasoned supermarket injury attorney who has experience handling such cases. Common ways that supermarkets may be unsafe include:

Slip & Fall Accidents

Supermarkets are constantly flocked with people, from the old to the young. As everyone moves in all directions, there may be confusion, resulting in slip and fall accidents, especially when there are defective shopping carts or unsafe conditions such as wet and cluttered floors. In these circumstances, you may file a negligence claim against the premises owner or management. Premises liability laws require them to ensure your safety by warning you about safety hazards or doing away with them. A knowledgeable Harlingen supermarket injury attorney should help you maneuver these complex laws to your benefit.

Falling Objects

Another common way that supermarket injuries occur is through falling objects. These stores offer a variety of goods under one roof, so it’s not uncommon to see poorly arranged merchandise falling off. These accidents are particularly devastating to children and older people. They often cause sudden trauma to the head, resulting in Traumatic Brain Injuries. Other scenarios involve spine injuries, causing untold pain and stress to injured victims.

Auto Wrecks

Many people expect supermarket parking lots to be safe. While this is true in most establishments, the same can’t be said about some of them. Negligent motorists are often to blame for pedestrian and rear-end crashes that occur in these premises. The Texas Department of Transportation points out distracted driving as the leading cause of these auto wrecks. A skilled Harlingen supermarket injury lawyer may help establish liability on such drivers by reviewing CCTV footage and recording eyewitness testimonials.

Defective Products

Defective products offered in supermarkets may also be blameworthy for the increasing supermarket-related injuries. For example, an electrical appliance may be faulty, causing electrical shock or fire. Anyone who suffers serious harm under such conditions may be open to filing an injury claim against the product manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. Because these companies have resourceful attorneys to protect their interests, you should equally get yourself a reputable Harlingen supermarket injury lawyer to level the playing field and ensure your rights are protected.

Finding the Best Harlingen Supermarket Injury Lawyer

The success of your claim will be largely dependent on how best you prepare and argue your injury case. However, you may lack the skills and knowledge to sustain the compensation process, so you need an experienced attorney. Finding the best fit for your case requires more than just any lawyer. You need one with the resources and expertise to handle a personal injury claim. It would be best if you looked out for:

  • Experience handling supermarket injury cases
  • Legal fees charged
  • Availability to work on your case
  • Financial resources of the law firm since they will handle your claim on a contingent arrangement
  • Past client’s testimonials about their legal services

A reasonable supermarket injury attorney will be open to scrutiny to ensure you are satisfied with their services.

Speak to an Attorney Today if You Have Been Involved in a Supermarket Injury in Harlingen 

The Harlingen supermarket injury lawyers at our firm will offer an honest and professional review of your case before making any legal approach. When you’ve been severely injured, you need an attorney you can trust with your case and future. Contact us about supermarket injury compensation claims today.

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