Harlingen Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, the last thing you want is to handle the overwhelming legal process on your own. Although the defendant may be willing to settle you, it’s improbable that they will foot all financial losses you incur. On the other hand, insurance companies know how desperate you are and will expect you to settle and accept their terms. Without proper legal representation, you are likely to receive a lowball settlement.

We dedicate ourselves to helping victims get their rightful compensation with our personal injury lawyers. It could be through negotiations with insurance companies or a court process, we stop at nothing when it comes to maximum compensation. Our Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyers will walk with you every step of the way, so you know exactly what to expect in your case.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for My Case?

Not all motorcycle accident cases require an attorney to settle. The need for a qualified legal team only arises in specific scenarios such as:

When Someone Is Killed

When someone is killed in a Harlingen motorcycle accident, their estate may file a wrongful death claim or survival action. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, it allows them to collect damages owed to the deceased if they were alive and losses suffered by the surviving family members due to the loss. Wrongful death claims are traumatizing and challenging to process. It would be best if you had a compassionate Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case from the beginning to the end.

When You Suffer Severe Injuries

If you suffered from catastrophic injuries, it may be an inconvenience to handle your injury claim. Due to the fact that you also need to focus on treatment and recovery, you may not meet the timeframes given by the Texas statutes of limitations to bring your case forward. Therefore, you need to retain a dedicated Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyer whose only focus will be on your case while seeking treatment for injuries sustained.

When the Party at Fault Is Not Insured

Although Texas traffic laws require that all motorists carry insurance coverage, some do not. It’s not uncommon to come across defendants who are not insured. In this case, you need a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer who understands how to collect damages in this scenario. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the defendant may compensate you out-of-pocket or through their employer or car owner. 

When the Accident Involves Product Liability

If a defective product caused your motorcycle accident, you would likely file a product liability claim against the manufacturer or distributor. These parties have a legal duty to produce quality products or at least warn consumers of their dangers. If they fail to do any of these, they may be held accountable for the accident and its losses. However, collecting damages from manufacturers is a complex process that only a knowledgeable Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyer can handle.

Steps to Take Following a Harlingen Motorcycle Accident

Your first action following a motorcycle accident should be seeking medical evaluation and treatment for injuries suffered, if any. By doing so, you can form the basis of a personal injury claim. If you can, remain at the scene and protect your rights by talking to eyewitnesses, recording their testimonials and contact information. Also, record the addresses and insurance information of all parties involved. Take photos of the scene, capturing your injuries and property damage.

A few days following the accident, you will likely receive a call from an insurance adjuster seeking to settle you. In fact, the first line of communication is always about a settlement offer. Although this is often a good start in your pursuit of monetary recovery, you should never accept the offer without proper communication with a Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyer. This is mainly because the offer is unfair and never represents the full scale of your losses. Therefore, having a resourceful motorcycle accident attorney ensures that all your losses are evaluated before negotiating an offer.

Contact a Harlingen Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash that was not your fault, we know you have many questions. Although most accidents can be handled without an attorney, it is vital that you retain a qualified lawyer who specializes in these cases. Our firm’s Harlingen motorcycle accident lawyers are qualified to handle injury claims involving motorcycle crashes due to negligence. To discuss your case, please get in touch with us today.

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