Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Texas City

Given how close it is to the Gulf of Mexico, Texas City tends to see a lot more rainfall in an average day than most parts of Texas farther to the west, not to mention high winds, fog, and sometimes even sleet and snow. No matter what type of weather is rolling through, though, people driving on Texas roads—including and especially people driving massive tractor-trailers—are still expected to act responsibly behind the wheel and compensate for the unfavorable conditions as much as any reasonable person can.

If you were hurt in a traffic collision recently because a long-haul trucker did not adjust their driving behavior to account for reduced visibility and traction, you may have grounds to file civil suit against them and their employer over the harm they caused you through their “negligence.” That said, bad weather truck accidents in Texas City tend to make for uniquely complex civil claims, so you should strongly consider seeking help from a seasoned truck accident lawyer first before trying to pursue civil compensation on your own.

When Is a Truck Driver “at Fault” for a Bad Weather Crash?

The main reason why suing over a bad weather truck crash in Texas City can be so complicated is the fact that driving safely during poor weather conditions is difficult even for the most capable and responsible drivers. To some extent, there is simply no avoiding the increased risk of accidents that bad weather brings with it, and someone who is driving slowly and safely but still ends up colliding with someone due to extremely low visibility or an unexpected loss of traction may not be traditionally “negligent” to a degree which could justify a lawsuit.

However, if a truck driver gets in a crash during bad weather specifically because they failed to slow down, did not use their headlights or flashers properly, or did not pull over and stop completely during extremely rough conditions, that may qualify as a reckless breach of their “duty of care” to keep other people around them safe. Proving that a trucker’s actions during bad weather met the criteria to be considered “negligence” is one of many things a skilled legal professional could provide vital assistance with during a civil claim.

How “Comparative Fault” Could Affect Civil Recovery

Legal counsel can also play a key role in showing that an injured person filing suit over a bad weather truck wreck in Texas City was not to blame for the wreck themselves. Just like truck drivers, commuter car drivers are also expected to change their behavior behind the wheel in order to stay safe in inclement weather, and a failure to do so can be considered negligence for them just like it would be for a truck driver if it contributes to causing a crash.

Actively contesting allegations of “comparative fault” along these lines can be vital to recovering fairly after a serious truck accident, since Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.001 through 33.017 allows courts to reduce the total compensation available to an injured person in proportion to their share of total fault for their own injuries. On top of that, any person who holds a majority of total fault for a wreck cannot recover any civil compensation for it at all, even if someone else was also partly to blame.

Contact a Texas City Attorney for Help After a Bad Weather Truck Accident

Nobody likes driving through pouring rain or thick fog, but truck drivers often have to do it as part of their jobs, and they have a responsibility to do it responsibly and safely as well. If you were hurt recently because a truck driver was not responsible during inclement weather, you may have grounds for a civil claim which a seasoned truck accident lawyer could help you effectively pursue.

Bad weather truck accidents in Texas City can be much easier to take proactive legal action over with a trustworthy legal professional on your side. Call today to discuss your options.

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