Texas City Supermarket Injury Lawyer

Supermarket injuries may be minor or severe, depending on the conditions or circumstances under which they occur. Unfortunately, many of them stem from carelessness and negligent conduct.

If someone else is at fault, a Texas City supermarket injury lawyer can help you seek justice by filing an injury case on your behalf. Our trusted personal injury attorneys are available to discuss your case for free. Call Lone Star Injury Attorneys to set up a meeting with our team.

Common Supermarket Injuries

Most visits to the supermarket are fun and usually end without an incident. However, supermarkets come with insurmountable hazards that may cause serious bodily harm especially when shoppers are not aware. Some of the common injuries that can take place include:

An experienced Texas City supermarket injury attorney can evaluate the details of an incident to determine what caused the event, and who should be held responsible. Some of the dangers in supermarkets include:

Parking Lot Accidents

Unfortunately, these premises may be unsafe, especially when due diligence is not carried out by relevant parties. For example, in case of poor lighting, parking garages become breeding grounds for criminal activities. Additionally, auto collisions may occur due to unsafe parking lot designs and negligence from drivers. A qualified Texas City supermarket injury attorney can help determine whether you have grounds for legal action after a supermarket injury.

Falling Objects

Supermarkets have everything stacked high up on shelves. Products that are too heavy may fall on customers due to improper storage. Falling objects can result in catastrophic injuries such as head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and more. If an element of negligence contributed to falling objects, you may be eligible to file a claim against the property owner or supermarket management.

Defective Products

Defective products at the supermarket may also result in serious injuries. For example, a faulty shopping cart may be likely to topple over and hurt shoppers. Poorly maintained staircases and display windows may have sharp edges protruding. There may also be a defective electrical appliance that results in burn injuries. A knowledgeable attorney may help you identify grounds for filing a product liability claim against the retailer or manufacturer.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Uneven surfaces, ripped carpets, sunken sidewalks, broken staircases, and wet floors can cause a slip-and-fall accident in a supermarket. Although many of these accidents result in minor cuts and bruises, others cause life-changing injuries.

What To Do After a Supermarket Injury

The immediate moments following a supermarket injury are the most critical. Even with the stress and trauma that follows a serious injury, you should remember to protect your rights and interests by taking the following steps:

Report the Accident

Always report your injuries to relevant parties, such as the store manager or police, before leaving the scene. Do not say more than you should. All you have to do is say what happened and the injuries you suffered. This ensures that your case is a public record.

Document the Scene

If you can, photograph everything, including the scene of the accident and your injuries. Be sure to capture the condition of the surface or floor where you were injured before it’s cleaned or fixed.

Talk To Witnesses

Identify parties that saw the accident happen and record their contact information. Get their names and addresses before they become untraceable. Eyewitness statements are crucial in proving an injury claim.

See a Doctor

Ensure that you get immediate medical attention, especially when you feel unwell after an accident. Some supermarket injuries remain undiscovered unless a medical evaluation is done. Documenting your injuries also provides the necessary evidence to support causation and damages. A knowledgeable attorney can give you further guidance on what steps to take after a Texas City supermarket injury.

Contact a Texas City Supermarket Injury Attorney

When your injuries are severe, you need to speak with a skilled Texas City supermarket injury lawyer about your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation if someone was aware of the conditions that caused your injuries but failed to take necessary care as a reasonable person would. To schedule a no-risk case analysis with our team, please fill out our online contact form or call our Texas-based offices right away.

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