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When you suffer injuries or damages as a result of another party’s negligent conduct, you may have a right to compensation. In many cases, the recovery process involves filing a claim with their insurance companies or going to court. Because you may not understand or fulfill what is legally required of you alone, hiring a skilled attorney is your best way out.

Our Texas City personal injury lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys understand the burden you carry on your shoulders. We are committed to walking with you every step until justice is served. While you may achieve this on your own, our experience shows that persons with legal representation are more likely to have a successful outcome than those who self-litigate. Some of the benefits you gain by working with us are:

Dealing with Insurance Companies

You must always remember that your interests and those of insurance adjusters are not the same. Their goal is to maximize their profits. Some of the tactics they may use to achieve this are denying your claim, reducing your settlement, or payment delays. Without a support system to cushion you from such bad-faith insurance tactics, you are likely to give up on your rights. A valiant Texas City personal injury attorney will tenaciously present your claim to insurance companies and ensure you are fairly settled.

Representing You in Court

Deciding to hire legal representation gets you prepared when your case is not settled with insurance companies. This means it has to be determined through trial, which is a unique and complex process altogether. You may not know what papers to file or legal requirements to meet. A qualified attorney handles similar cases daily. Therefore, such a person is well acquainted with the customs and procedures of the Texas court process.

Gathering Evidence

The injury claim you file is only as good as the evidence you present to support your side of the story. Unfortunately, you may not know much more than what you saw or believe may have happened. However, hiring a resourceful Texas City personal injury attorney opens you up to a new world of possibilities, especially in evidence gathering. Our team has an intimate understanding of the law and will therefore be monumental in collecting relevant pieces of evidence to build an indisputable injury case.

Choosing the Best Strategy

Every personal injury case is unique and different from the others. While all of them are determined based on the elements of negligence, each may settle differently. For example, some cases are easier to settle out-of-court through insurance companies, while others go to trial. While the outcome is usually the same, your legal representative will guide you on what strategy to use for maximum compensation. For instance, cases that resolve through negotiations usually settle sooner than those that go to trial. On the same note, going to trial may result in higher compensation than an out-of-court settlement.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

One of the most frequent worries among parties that wish to retain an attorney for a personal injury case in Texas City is the cost that comes with hiring a legal team. While this is a valid concern, it should be your last worry. Many attorneys including our teams at Lone Star Injury do not charge anything upfront.

All cases are reviewed and taken up on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that your attorneys get to listen to your case, review your legal options, and take up your case at absolutely no initial cost. If eligible for compensation, he or she also incurs all legal expenses out-of-pocket and does not send you any bill whatsoever until the case is resolved. A percentage of your settlement is retained as attorney’s fees if you win. Before signing a contract with an attorney, ensure you understand the payment terms. No legal fees are collected if you don’t receive any compensation.

Retain Our Texas City Personal Injury Attorneys

Because the costs of hiring a Texas City personal injury lawyer vary from firm to firm, you shouldn’t look any further when our team is available to take up your case at no initial cost. Call today to schedule your first meeting. We are here to fight for you.

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