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Falls are among the most frequent cases our personal injury attorneys handle. They often occur in theaters, stadiums, workplaces, grocery stores, nursing homes, metros, parks, and playgrounds. If you were injured, a Texas City slip and fall accident lawyer can guide you on what to do next.

A slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. They happen to the old and young alike. However, some common scenarios and circumstances elevate the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. They are:

Wet Floors

Wet floors present unique hazards to everyone who walks across them. They may be caused by spills or mopping. Premises owners must warn visitors of such unsafe conditions if they are not amenable. For example, cleaning companies have to put up safety warnings whenever cleaning is in progress to alert other parties of the risks therein.

Poor Lighting

Poorly lit areas are another common cause of slip and fall accidents in Texas City. Lack of proper lighting in parking lots, staircases and other areas without natural lighting is a safety hazard that may result in catastrophic consequences. Property owners have a duty to ensure there is adequate lighting in areas blocked from natural light.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors caused by warped hardwood, upturned rugs and mats, and torn carpets are frequent causes of slip-and-fall accidents in supermarkets, and workplaces, among other areas. Property managers must always observe the duty of care toward visitors by ensuring their premises are safe and free from conditions that could cause harm. In case this is not doable, then the responsibility shifts to putting up warning signs notifying visitors of the uneven floors. A Texas City slip and fall attorney could help hold responsible parties liable for injuries sustained due to uneven flooring.

Cluttered Floors

Many times, cluttered floors may seem harmless until someone trips over debris or trash and suffers a serious injury. Combined with poor lighting, cluttered floors pose a serious risk that should be corrected by property managers and premises owners. Unsecured cords are also common examples of cluttered floors.

Protecting Your Rights After a Slip & Fall Accident

Taking immediate action after a slip and fall accident is essential. You must remember to protect your rights even if you are unsure about filing an injury claim. The steps you take right after falling and the days thereafter can hurt your case or give you a better chance of winning your case and recovering maximum compensation. To get things right, talk to our Texas City slip & fall accident attorneys today.

After a slip and fall accident you should:

Report the Accident

If you are injured on someone else’s property, it is likely that they already have a form for you to fill out. The incident report will detail the specifics of the accident such as where it happened, the cause, and the injuries sustained. In case they do not request you to fill out one, you ought to report the slip and fall accident to the store owner or premises manager. While you may be upset, do not try to assign fault or say more than you should. Simply state the facts of the accident and let a skilled attorney handle the rest.

See a Doctor

Your well-being should be the priority after any accident including a fall. Although many falls usually pass as minor, you should let a doctor examine you for hidden injuries such as internal bleeding, organ damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Besides treatment, seeking medical evaluation also helps document your injuries to prove causation and damages. Failure to prove these two elements of negligence may see your case ruled out.

Document Everything

Evidence in any personal injury claim is crucial and you should endeavor to collect as much information as possible before leaving the scene of your fall. Take pictures of your injuries as well as the conditions that caused you to trip. Such evidence may be tampered with, making it impossible to determine the circumstances of your injuries and accident.

Consult a Texas City Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Always ensure that you consult with a seasoned Texas City slip and fall accident lawyer. Doing this immediately after an accident will help in protecting your rights. Insurance companies are easier to deal with when you have a skilled team on your side. Your attorney ensures you have the best chance of recovering compensation. Contact our Texas-based offices today or fill out our online contact form.

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