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Parking lots are designed to be safer than open roads. However, accidents still happen for different reasons. When negligence is involved, parking lot accidents can be catastrophic. Falls, auto collisions, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents are common sights in parking basements.

Many people seldom think about their rights after a parking lot accident. If you were in any of these accidents, you should know your legal options. As long as someone else is to blame, our Texas City parking lot accident lawyers may help you obtain compensation by filing an injury claim. We do not charge initial consultations and only collect attorney’s fees if you are settled. Call today to begin working with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Common Parking Lot Accident Injuries

Injuries in Texas City parking lot accidents vary. Depending on the circumstances, they may be minor or life-threatening. Fatalities can also be reported. Some of the frequent injuries we see are:

Prompt medical evaluation is crucial more so when you experience unusual symptoms. Don’t worry about the costs of medical treatment. Our Texas City parking lot accident attorneys will ensure you are compensated for every economic and non-economic damage you suffer.

What You Should Do After a Parking Lot Accident in Texas City

Generally speaking, parking lot accidents in Texas City are no different from the auto wrecks that happen on open roads. Although the damage caused is often minor, there is always a possibility of things getting worse. Whether it’s a fall or a car crash, you must know the steps to take. For your convenience, our Texas City parking lot accident attorneys prepared this four-step checklist on the things you need to do right after an accident. If you or a loved one are involved in a parking lot accident anywhere in Texas City, you should:

Report the Accident

Explaining your side of the story to an investigative officer is the right call whether you want to sue or not. You should do so immediately while the details are still fresh. If you wait too long, the other party may turn the tables and accuse you of causing the accident. But by contacting the local police department, you get a chance to report things as they happened. However, the police will undertake investigations and unravel the circumstances of the parking lot accident and whether someone may have been at fault. For minor accidents, you should report to the premises or parking lot manager.

See a Doctor

If you experience unusual swelling, pain, or general discomfort after a parking lot accident in Texas City, you should see a doctor immediately. Besides the obvious benefits that come with treatment and pain relief, you also get to document your injuries for claiming purposes. Insurance companies will deny your claim if you can’t prove causation and related damages. Don’t be afraid to speak with your physician about any pain or suffering after an accident. If traumatized, seeing a mental health expert should also be on your to-do list. Don’t worry about the costs since our Texas City parking lot accident attorneys will account for all damages when valuing your claim.

Gather Evidence

If you can, always partake to gather as much evidence from the accident scene as you can. Delegating this duty to the other party may conceal many facts that could prove crucial in understanding the circumstances of the parking lot accident. If you are severely injured or traumatized to do this on your own, you should have a trusted party collect the facts on your behalf. Photos of the scene, statements from eyewitnesses, photos of your injuries, insurance information of the other party, and contact information of everyone involved are some of the pieces of information you should collect after an accident.

Contact a Texas City Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Speaking with an excellent Texas City parking lot accident lawyer gives you the best chance of determining whether you have a case or not. Because no two accidents are the same, an experienced attorney will review the circumstances of your accident to determine if you are eligible for compensation. If so, he or she takes up your case on a contingency fee basis where attorney’s fees are only collected if your injury case is won. Navigating the claim process is a tall order for personal injury victims without the legal experience and resources to make a solid case. Hiring an attorney to do the job for you is your best chance of finding justice.

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