Mistakes to Avoid in a Truck Accident in Pasadena

As you may know, many auto wrecks stem from human error. This means that someone may have failed to maintain their duty of care. When this happens, victims become eligible for compensation, with this opportunity allowing you to collect the economic and non-economic damages you suffered. Before doing so, there are some requirements you must fulfill. As the plaintiff, you bear the burden of proof to make a solid case that shows the role of the other party in the accident and your injuries. Unfortunately, many people fail to do so, with this failure tracing back to the day of the accident. These mistakes lock them out of record-breaking compensation.

To avoid losing your deserved compensation, below are the mistakes to avoid in a truck accident in Pasadena as told by a skilled commercial vehicle collision attorney:

Failing to Stop and Not Calling the Police

Texas laws require anyone involved in an accident to stop and provide assistance to injured persons. Even if nobody has been severely injured, all parties must remain at the scene and contact the local police department. However, some people leave the accident too soon without notifying the police. Among the most common reasons why this behavior is popular is that some motorists are uninsured or carry illegal goods in their vehicles. Others do not have the required paperwork to operate a vehicle and flee due to fear and anxiety.

The shock that comes with being involved in a crash may interfere with a person’s judgment, activating their fight or flight mode. No matter the reason, you should not leave the scene too soon, as this would make you look guilty even when you are not.

Delaying Medical Evaluation

Truck accidents are not your regular motor vehicle crashes. Owing to the goods they carry and their sheer size and weight, accidents involving commercial trucks often have devastating consequences. Victims usually suffer catastrophic harm such as spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, and paralysis, among others. Depending on their severity, these injuries may be temporary or permanent. In extreme cases, fatalities are reported, causing untold grief to families of the deceased.

Another mistake to avoid in a Pasadena commercial vehicle accident is failing to seek prompt medical evaluation and treatment for your injuries. Not only can it put your health at risk, it may jeopardize your ability to successfully file an injury claim for compensation. Seeing a doctor immediately after a truck accident can help establish hidden injuries that you may not be aware of and help document your injuries and treatment process. The documentation you get will be vital in proving your injury claim and valuing your losses.

Admitting Fault

When you are in a crash, you may be quick to apologize to the other party, even when you have nothing to do with it. While this is a natural human tendency, making such remarks after an accident may be mistaken for admitting fault. Insurance companies may be looking for such utterances to blame you. Even if you firmly believe you were to blame, do not admit fault before consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. It may look like you contributed to the accident in the beginning, only for investigations to say otherwise.

Failing to Notify Insurance Companies

Do not make the mistake of not notifying your insurance company about a Pasadena truck accident. Even if you don’t plan on taking your matter forward for settlement, it is in your best interests that you record your accident and injuries. You may not establish the impact of the crash until it’s too late, and having not notified them, you don’t stand a chance to recover any compensation.

Not Retaining Skilled Legal Representation

As mentioned, truck accidents are unique, and so are the rules and regulations around the trucking industry. If you are injured, or a loved one is killed, you need to establish the laws you can use to pursue compensation. Qualified legal counsel will step in and carry the legal burden on your behalf while you focus on other things.

Hire an Attorney to Avoid Mistakes After a Pasadena Truck Accident

In the days following your incident, you may be lost in seeking treatment for your injuries or grieving the loss of your loved one. However, it is important to be aware of the mistakes to avoid in a truck accident in Pasadena so that you can protect your rights and interests. Call us today to learn more or to get started.

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