Injuries Following a Pasadena Truck Accident

Commercial truck accidents should not be taken lightly.  Unlike other accidents, they come with a greater risk due to their massive size and weight. The goods they ferry also play a role in making them moving hazards on Texas roads. Collisions with passenger vehicles, motorcycles, or pedestrians can be catastrophic, and most of those lucky to escape do so with injuries that change the course of their lives.

If you have been injured in a Pasadena truck accident, seeking immediate medical evaluation is crucial for your safety. Some injuries remain hidden, and may not be discovered unless a series of medical tests are carried out. On top of that, seeing a doctor immediately helps link your injuries to the truck accident. Insurance companies may deny your claim on the basis that the injuries you seek compensation for existed before the accident, or you were responsible for the harm suffered. It is therefore in your best interests that you don’t delay medical treatment. After this is taken care of, reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney is key.

Some of the most common injuries following a Pasadena truck accident our attorneys have come across include:

Broken Bones

The blunt trauma associated with impact during collisions accounts for most broken bones. Depending on their severity, broken bones can be painful, and may also result in amputation.  A minor fracture could also stop the injured person from doing manual jobs thus disrupting their normal way of life. If you cannot go to work due to broken bones, an attorney may help you pursue compensation from the party responsible.


Many trucks on Texas roads are tankers ferrying highly dangerous materials and goods such as LPG, gasoline, and other chemicals. Apart from the injuries associated with a normal crash, tanker trucks come with a high risk of causing fire outbreaks. Anyone within the vicinity may suffer chemical or fire burns. Severe burn injuries are irreversible, while extreme cases result in fatalities.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Due to their sheer size and weight, the forces that come into play during a truck accident are enough to cause severe head trauma. Victims are knocked against hard surfaces and objects in and outside the truck. Sadly, many traumatic brain injuries result in further complications. The injured person may lose cognitive functions or suffer permanent paralysis. Such injuries are equally expensive to treat, and without a reliable source of finances, full recovery may be challenging.

Chest Injuries

While safety features such as safety belts and airbag systems are meant to protect drivers and passengers from severe harm in case of an accident, they are sometimes to blame for injuries to the chest area. For instance, airbags are deployed at high speeds, and the forces in play may cause injuries to the head, neck, and chest areas. Some of the injuries may be severe, with internal organ injuries being among the most fatal. For example, the lungs may be punctured, or ribs broken. There may also be internal bleeding.  These injuries require prompt medical attention, and it’s advisable that you see a doctor immediately after a crash to rule out internal organ injuries.


Whiplash is often mistaken for minor injuries, but to a great extent, they are not. Whiplash injuries are uncomfortable, painful, and may have long-lasting effects. They occur when the neck area is suddenly jolted or stretched, in a back and forward movement.  Ligaments and nerves in the neck may be severely injured, causing difficulty in its motion. The severity of whiplash may be anything from minor harm manageable at home or serious damage requiring medical treatment.

Compensation for Injuries Following a Truck Accident

If negligence played a role in your injuries following a truck accident in Pasadena, you may be eligible for compensation. A personal injury attorney will help put together the facts of your case to make a strong case. Doctor’s reports, expert witness testimonials, and medical documents will be used to prove your injury. If successful, you stand a good chance to recover the damages you suffered such as:

  • Lost wages for time not worked
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Permanent disability

A resourceful attorney is crucial in establishing the full extent of damages you suffered. Don’t settle for less when you can make the most out of your case with the help of our attorneys. We will be happy to walk with you through the treatment process just as we will in your pursuit of justice. Contact our offices today to get help with your case.

Contact a Pasadena Attorney After Sustaining Injuries in a Truck Accident

Injuries from a Pasadena truck accident have the potential to be life altering. Reach out to our skilled team today to find out if you are eligible to pursue compensation for these losses. We are ready to help.

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