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Millions of people use commercial and private vehicles every day to move from one place to another. While doing so, they trust that they will get to their destinations safely. But sadly, this is not always the case. Accidents happen, and when they do, the injured party may suffer ripple effects, not only physically and emotionally, but financially too. Treating some injuries is very expensive to say the least. More importantly, these injuries could also be permanent, requiring a lifetime investment to manage the pain.

Although most vehicles are insured against such accidents, insurance companies are often never willing to compensate victims properly. They engage in acts of bad faith such as prolonging the settlement process or denying claims altogether. To this effect, they retain experienced lawyers and insurance adjusters to protect their business interests, which is to make maximum profits at the expense of deserving victims. This can be very stressful for an injured party. Luckily, our qualified and knowledgeable Pasadena car accident lawyers may help you get the compensation you are rightfully entitled to under Texas personal injury laws.

Getting Ready for the Compensation Process

Normally, the legal compensation process involves substantial work, especially when the party at fault is not willing to take responsibility. This requires you to work two times harder to make them understand the weight of the case. But you don’t need to struggle when our car accident attorneys in Pasadena are available to take up your personal injury claim. In any case, we are highly experienced in handling such cases, and we would fight for your best interests in spearheading your injury claim.

Our Lone Star Injury Attorneys will handle everything on your behalf starting with preparing legal documents, talking to witnesses, negotiating with insurance companies, and going to trial. During our one-on-one free case evaluation session, we will listen to you as you give a detailed account of events that took place. So to ensure that no important aspect of your case is left out, be sure to note down the events as they unfolded chronologically. Write them down and have our lawyers go through them as soon as possible.

Initially, we will listen to you before embarking on a fact-finding mission. If we believe that your case is viable, we will make the first step towards having you settled for your damages. Some of these steps are:

  • Investigating your case
  • Retaining expert witnesses
  • Talking to eyewitnesses
  • Collecting evidence from the scene
  • Retaining police and medical reports about your accident and injuries
  • Recording crucial documents concerning your injuries
  • Calculating your claims
  • Contacting your insurance company and the defendant
  • Determining liability

All these steps help us prepare a strong case and determine the best party to sue for maximum compensation. From our findings, we may negotiate with insurance companies/defendants or go to trial.

When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident in Pasadena

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A car accident brings with it an array of questions that only a seasoned auto wreck lawyer can answer. And because our attorneys work on a contingency fee arrangement, there is often little advantage for you to handle your accident claim alone. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible when:

  • The fault is contested
  • The injuries suffered are severe or aren’t going away on their own
  • There is extensive property damage
  • Someone is killed
  • The accident involves Uber
  • The accident involves a state-owned vehicle
  • The accident involves a commercial truck

Most importantly, retaining a skilled attorney levels the playing field when suing well-resourced insurance companies. So to avoid a scenario where you lose your claims just because you can’t match their legal expertise, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Lawyer?

If you are considering retaining a car wreck lawyer for your case, it’s clear that your first question may revolve around how much it will cost you to do so. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys, including our lawyers, work on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid a percentage of your final settlement if we recover compensation for you.

This percentage varies in most cases but generally ranges from 35% to 40%, depending on if your case will require a filing in state court.  It’s therefore very important that you discuss this before signing the contract with your attorney.

How Do I Retain a Pasadena Car Accident Attorney?

You may never get the justice you deserve unless you speak with an expert in the field. Retaining our Pasadena car accident lawyers is very easy. You can contact us online or call our Lone Star Injury Attorneys offices right away for a free case evaluation.

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