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Millions of people rely on both commercial and private vehicles daily for transportation, entrusting their safety to the journey. Unfortunately, accidents occur, often leaving victims not only physically and emotionally scarred, but also burdened financially. The costs of treating injuries can be substantial, particularly when those injuries result in permanent damage requiring lifelong management. According to reports by the Texas Department of Transportation, a reportable accident occurs every 56 seconds.

Despite most vehicles being insured, insurance companies are frequently reluctant to compensate victims fairly. They may engage in unscrupulous practices such as delaying the settlement process or denying claims outright. In their bid to protect business interests and maximize profits, they often employ seasoned lawyers and insurance adjusters. This can add a significant amount of stress for the injured party. Fortunately, our skilled and informed Pasadena car accident attorneys are here to help secure the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled under Texas personal injury laws.

Preparing for the Compensation Process

Typically, the legal compensation process is an arduous task, particularly when the party at fault refuses to acknowledge their responsibility. This situation often necessitates greater effort to ensure they understand the seriousness of the case. However, you don’t need to navigate this complex journey alone. Our car accident attorneys in Pasadena are ready to handle your personal injury claim. With extensive experience in these cases, we will advocate for your best interests throughout the entire process.

Our team at Lone Star Injury Attorneys will manage all aspects on your behalf, including the preparation of legal documents, interviewing witnesses, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court. During our free case evaluation session, we will attentively listen as you provide a detailed account of the events. To ensure no critical element of your case is omitted, we advise you to document the events chronologically. Share this record with our attorneys as soon as possible.

Initially, we’ll attentively listen to your account before launching a comprehensive investigation. If we conclude that your case has merit, we’ll initiate the steps to secure compensation for your damages. These steps may include:

  • Investigating your case
  • Engaging expert witnesses
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Collecting evidence from the scene
  • Securing police and medical reports related to your accident and injuries
  • Documenting crucial details regarding your injuries
  • Calculating your claims
  • Liaising with your insurance company and the defendant
  • Determining liability

Each of these steps strengthens our case preparation and allows us to identify the most appropriate party to sue for maximum compensation. Based on our findings, we may negotiate with the insurance companies/defendants or proceed to trial.

When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident in Pasadena

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A car accident can lead to numerous questions best addressed by an experienced auto accident attorney. Considering our attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, managing your accident claim independently may not be beneficial. It’s crucial to engage an attorney promptly when:

  • Liability is disputed
  • Injuries incurred are severe or persistent
  • There’s significant property damage
  • A fatality occurs
  • The incident involves Uber
  • The incident involves a state-owned vehicle
  • The incident involves a commercial truck

Fundamentally, enlisting the services of a proficient attorney equalizes the odds when litigating against well-funded insurance companies. To prevent a situation where you forfeit your claims due to lack of comparable legal expertise, ensure to contact an attorney promptly.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Lawyer?

Hiring a car accident attorney can often bring concerns about the costs involved. However, it’s important to note that many personal injury attorneys, including our team, work based on a contingency fee arrangement. This means our payment is a percentage of your final settlement, only if we succeed in recovering compensation on your behalf. This percentage generally varies but is typically within the range of 35% to 40%. It can depend on factors such as whether your case requires filing in a state court. As such, discussing these details with your attorney before signing a contract is vital to ensure transparency and understanding. And we are available to discuss this payment model.

How to Engage a Pasadena Car Accident Attorney

To ensure you receive the justice you deserve, it’s essential to consult with a field expert. Hiring our Pasadena car accident attorneys is a straightforward process. As mentioned, our team only collects attorney’s fees once the compensation process is complete and you are awarded a settlement. To get started, simply reach out to us online or phone our Lone Star Injury Attorneys offices promptly for a complimentary case evaluation. Our car accident attorneys are available to discuss your case at our offices or a place of your convenience.

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I Appreciate Lone Star Injury Attorneys!

I Appreciate Lone Star Injury Attorneys!
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