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Suffering any type of injury in an accident can be devastating. However, paralysis injuries are particularly severe, causing untold physical suffering and lifetime challenges. Injured persons often have to completely overhaul their way of life to accommodate their new needs. The exorbitant financial losses that follow also threaten to halt the recovery process, and without a source of income, the injured person stares at a crisis. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney can help.

Individuals who suffer paralysis in accidents or circumstances stemming from negligence have a chance to obtain monetary recovery from the entities at fault.  With the help of a Pasadena paralysis injury attorney, a monetary recovery may be achieved to help cover your losses and secure your future. The compensation process involves a series of steps and requirements that must be fulfilled before an award is made. In order to ensure all your bases are adequately covered, it is essential to speak with a dedicated legal team about your case.

Why Paralysis Injuries are Unique

Paralysis injuries are not your ordinary injuries. They are devastating in nature, and may change the course of the victim’s life. Any temporary or permanent harm that affects the mobility or functioning of one or more parts of the body may qualify as paralysis. They are usually caused by severe trauma to the brain, spinal cord, and generally, the nervous system. According to statistics, at least 5.6 million Americans live with paralysis.

When the brain loses its normal functioning, your entire body suffers the effects. The lack of proper coordination of the body functioning can render the injured person paralytic. Depending on the area affected, the injuries may be permanent, requiring lifetime care and rehabilitation. Even temporary harm may come with untold physical pain and suffering, as well as huge financial losses. Learning that someone was at fault for your injuries can be traumatizing.  At this point, you need a compassionate Pasadena paralysis injury lawyer to assist you in taking legal action against the party at fault.

Major Causes of Paralysis

As mentioned, paralysis injuries usually occur due to severe trauma to the head or spine. There are different ways that this may happen.  They include:

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are the leading causes of paralysis injuries in the United States. Each year, thousands of car accident victims suffer catastrophic bodily harm in auto wrecks stemming from negligence.  Passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists are oftentimes at an elevated risk as they get knocked against hard surfaces and objects. Seeking medical evaluation immediately after a crash is recommended to rule out any underlying injuries since some, such as Traumatic Brain Injuries are silent killers.

Slip & Fall Accidents

When wet floors or cluttered surfaces result in a slip and fall accident, the victim is likely to suffer spinal injuries or trauma to the head. Young children and old people are often at a higher risk of suffering paralysis from these injuries. Slip and fall accidents are common in grocery stores, stadiums, theaters, workplaces, as well as pedestrian walkways. Store managers and premises owners may be held responsible for unsafe conditions that result in slip and fall accidents.

Medical Negligence

While medical practitioners are usually the last hope for sick or injured persons, negligence on their part may have catastrophic consequences. Patients under their case deserve high standards of care. Sometimes, negligent conduct from nurses, doctors, or surgeons may cause severe harm to a patient, leading to paralysis. For example, careless mistakes during surgery may harm the spine or brain, causing irreversible paralysis. A medical malpractice claim may be brought forward against individual health workers or hospital administrations.

Damages in a Paralysis Injury Lawsuit

Unlike other injuries, any harm that results in paralysis, whether temporary or permanent, may cause extensive losses. To begin with, the injured persons may stare at a diminished quality of life as they lose their independence. They may be forced to rely on their friends and families to do what they can’t.  Having a resourceful Pasadena paralysis injury attorney is the best way to maximize your compensation. With their help, you may recover damages such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Homecare costs

Any other provable loss should be included when valuing your claim. Documenting your losses is the best way to guarantee compensation for every loss incurred.

Talk to a Pasadena Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you suffered a life-changing injury in an accident stemming from negligence, you may have a chance to pursue a monetary recovery.  Contact our Pasadena paralysis injury attorneys today to learn more.

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