Montgomery County Uber Accident Lawyer

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have sparked major transformations in the transport industry. Today, you can easily hop into an Uber without much hustle or worry about getting to your destination. All you need is a smartphone, and an Uber driver will find you wherever you are.

While we enjoy the convenience brought about by this access, we also need to pay attention to the number of auto crashes involving these vehicles on Texas roads. If you were injured in an accident involving Uber, you may have a case. The Montgomery County Uber accident lawyers at our firm have got what it takes to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

Liability in an Uber Accident

One of the most contentious issues that arise following an Uber accident is liability. The question of who to hold accountable for your injuries and damages is a complex one. However, a skilled Montgomery County Uber accident lawyer from a reputable law firm can divulge the facts around your accident to establish fault.

Normally, drivers have a legal duty of care to act reasonably when behind the wheel. Therefore, the first person to think of suing is the Uber driver. But to successfully bring a claim forward, you need to establish that he or she was reckless. For example, if they were drunk, thus having impaired judgment, you may attribute this to your accident and demand compensation for your losses.

There are also scenarios where poor road conditions contribute to road accidents. In a normal situation, drivers are expected to adapt to such conditions. However, accidents still happen even for the most cautious. State agencies and construction companies may be held accountable for poorly maintained highways. Having a no-nonsense Montgomery County Uber accident attorney is a sure way of maneuvering through the rigorous process.

A defective vehicle part could also be to blame for an accident. For example, a substandard tire, or a malfunctioning braking or steering system may result in a crash. To establish this, you need the input of experts such as an accident reconstructionist. Without a resourceful attorney, you may not have access to such crucial parties. By filing a product liability claim, you sue the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or any other party in the chain of distribution.

Insurance Companies and Uber Accidents

Whenever a personal injury claim involving Uber is brought forward, there is always the question of which insurance coverage applies. In any case, there are over three insurance policies that may come into play. First, the driver may have a personal insurance policy. Secondly, the vehicle has insurance coverage that covers third-party accidents. Finally, there is also the Uber commercial insurance policy. Knowing what insurance company to demand compensation from could mean the difference in your case. Remember, the Uber insurance policy only takes effect if the driver is online. So what happens if the driver was not logged in to the ride-sharing service? A skilled attorney can expound on these complexities during your case evaluation.

What Type of Compensation Can I Seek in an Uber Accident Case?

Before engaging insurance companies, it’s always a good idea that you speak with an experienced attorney. Through their experience and resources, they can help calculate the value of your claims and ensure that no loss is left out when negotiating a settlement or proceeding to trial.

Each case is unique and you should discuss yours with a qualified Montgomery County Uber accident attorney. Some of the most common losses you may be compensated for include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Property repair costs
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost financial benefits

If your loved one was killed in a similar accident, you may also bring a wrongful death claim against the driver, Uber company, or any other party responsible for the accident. Through the lawsuit, you may recover compensation for funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and any other related loss.

Let a Montgomery County Uber Accident Attorney Help

Facing insurance companies or Uber on your own is daunting. You may lack the manpower and experience to fight for your rights. The Montgomery County Uber accident lawyers at Lone Star injury attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of negligent behaviors on the part of Uber. To discuss your case extensively, schedule a free case evaluation with us today.

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