Bad Weather Accidents in Montgomery County

Although you may be a cautious driver or pedestrian, there are times when you may get involved in an accident. However, not all car accidents are subject to a personal injury claim. Not all auto wrecks stem from driver negligence as is often the case. Sometimes, Mother Nature gets the best of us, and when bad weather results in an accident, many victims move on with life without much thought about their legal rights. This shouldn’t be the case.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we have been in legal practice for decades. We have seen all sorts of car accident cases. And of all these, those involving inclement weather conditions are particularly common and equally dangerous. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that they may still qualify for compensation under such circumstances. If you were injured in a bad weather accident in Montgomery County, don’t be among these statistics. You can learn more about your legal options by retaining an attorney today.

Common Types of Inclement Weather Conditions

When filing a claim for a car accident involving bad weather in Montgomery County, it’s equally important that you define the specific condition that caused your crash. In any case, it’s through that foundation that liability will be established. Some of the most common inclement weather conditions likely to cause traffic accidents include:

Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall is a matter of public safety concern especially when it’s accompanied by fog and mist. It affects visibility, making it difficult for motorists to be fully aware of their surroundings.

Snow and Ice

Icy roads wreak havoc for motorists on Texas roads. Some vehicles stall, roads become skating rinks due to black ice, and fallen snow significantly reduces visibility. This becomes a recipe for pedestrian accidents, head-on collisions, and rollovers. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) estimates that at least 11%-17% of all car accidents involving bad weather occur during winter.

Extremely sunny days could also cause catastrophic accidents. For example, a driver approaching an intersection in the full glare of the sun could run through a red light, ramming into other cars or knocking down pedestrians. But regardless of how your accident occurred, someone can be held accountable for your injuries and damages.

Major Causes of Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Generally speaking, bad weather conditions do not necessarily mean that an accident will occur. Most drivers go without an incident. But for those involved in crashes, some specific gray areas increase the likelihood of suffering harm. The most common reasons why car accidents occur in Montgomery County in inclement weather conditions include:

Poor Visibility

Even if you are a defensive driver, a lack of proper vision can result in a terrible auto wreck. Heavy fog and mist can leave major highways and roads invisible, making it difficult for drivers to observe their surroundings. In such scenarios, motorists are required to use fog lights to enable other road users to see them.

Poor Road Conditions

Apart from the layers of black ice and snow found on the roads during winter, the condition of the road may also elevate the likelihood of an accident. The maintenance of highways and major roads is under federal and state governments. A knowledgeable attorney can help you sue road construction and maintenance companies for poor and unsafe road conditions.

Vehicle Malfunctions

A prime example of a vehicle defect that often causes terrible road accidents is brake failure. This is specifically common in commercial trucks. However, they can happen in other vehicles too. Although poor vehicle maintenance is among the reasons why such crashes happen, vehicle manufacturers may also be to blame. Poor designs, especially with SUVs make them prone to rollover accidents, especially in bad weather.

Hire a Montgomery County Attorney for Your Bad Weather Accident Case

When you find yourself in a bad weather accident in Montgomery County, it’s important to speak with a skilled attorney. Your insurance company or that of the party at fault for your accident may settle you for the economic and non-economic damages you suffer. However, you should not expect a smooth process. To have an attorney fight aggressively on your behalf, contact our firm today.

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