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Although we enjoy state-of-the-art road infrastructures in Texas, driving on busy highways can be harrowing even for the most seasoned drivers. A motorist can be nervous when sharing the same road with huge commercial trucks, tankers, and other vehicles. Not to mention, some motorists are aggressive too, causing panic to new drivers. This puts them at serious risk of causing or being involved in a highway accident.

Lone Star Injury Attorneys have helped car accident victims lead a normal life following an accident by fighting for their compensatory rights. We believe that negligent parties should be held accountable for the damages they cause. This means filing an injury claim in court or negotiating a settlement with their insurance companies. Our Montgomery County highway accident lawyers have the skills and experience to handle complex cases involving serious crashes and multiple defendants.

What are the Most Common Causes of Highway Accidents in Texas?

Texas is among the most developed areas in the United States. It has at least 180,000 miles of interstate highway lanes. Because of the thousands of motorists plying these routes every day, the Texas Department of Insurance estimates that an accident occurs every 57 seconds. Approximately, over 18,000 people are involved in vehicular crashes each year in Texas. Some of these highway accidents are just that, accidents. But many others are caused by the reckless behaviors of road users.

Distracted Driving

If you stepped out on our highways today, you would surely see drivers glued to their phones while driving. They will either be texting, calling, replying to emails, posting on social media platforms, or even video conferencing. As an attorney can attest, even with numerous state and federal rules concerning this behavior, distracted driving continues to be a significant cause of highway accidents in Montgomery County.

Drunk Driving

Let’s face it, how many times have you seen a visibly drunk person get in their car and speed off? According to statistics, one in every three motor vehicle accidents is caused by drunk driving. Despite being a criminal offense, with culprits knowing what awaits them, this vice continues to cause unimaginable damage to Texans.


Vehicles on highways are often moving in one direction and at high speeds. Unfortunately, some drivers will follow too closely, leaving no ample space between them and the car at the front. This can be catastrophic, especially when the frontal vehicle suddenly makes a turn or breaks. These crashes often occur during rush hours when everyone is rushing to work or home.


Driving above set speed limits is a major concern on Texas highways. Coupled with other scenarios, such as tailgating and drunk driving, speeding is often a major cause of wrongful deaths. Vehicles are particularly susceptible to rollover crashes, head-on collisions, and rear-end auto wrecks.

Common Types of Highway Accidents in Montgomery County

Your attorney will initially evaluate your case based on its uniqueness before taking any legal action. Remember, different rules apply in different cases. So to ensure that you start on the right foot, you should present your attorney with all the facts about your accident. Some of the most common types of accidents we see include:

No matter what type of accident you are involved in, a skilled Montgomery County highway accident attorney is an integral part of your quest for compensation.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Attorney?

When our attorneys agree to take on your highway accident case, you can rest assured that you don’t need to pay any upfront fees. All our cases are handled through our contingency fee arrangement. This means that our pay is based on whether you are compensated or not. In other words, if we do not reach a beneficial outcome out of your case, we don’t get paid. We cover all costs regarding your case such as legal fees and retaining experts. But if successful, we retain a percentage of your payout as legal fees. Normally, we discuss this during case evaluation before putting pen to paper.

Speak with a Montgomery County Highway Accident Attorney

To learn more about recovering compensation in a highway accident case, please contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys today. Our Montgomery County highway accident lawyers are here to offer any legal help you may need through a free case evaluation.

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