Montgomery County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking lots are often abuzz with activities. There are a lot of people moving in all directions. Vehicles are pulling out, pedestrians walking with shopping carts, bicyclists looking for a spot to park, and delivery cars circling for areas to load and offload. All these activities, if uncoordinated, pose great risks to motorists and pedestrians altogether.

If you have been hurt in an accident on a parking area, the legal team at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are here to help. Through our dedicated Montgomery County parking lot accident lawyers, we help victims like you get the justice they deserve. We hold the parties at fault accountable for their negligence because we strongly believe in a responsible society.

What to Do Following The Accident

As with other types of accidents, the steps you take following a Montgomery County parking area accident are crucial. Even without thinking about filing a lawsuit, you need to protect yourself. By doing so, you not only safeguard your best interests, but also cushion others from harm. Some of the most important things you should do after accident like these include:

Check Yourself for Injuries

Your first responsibility after an accident should be to check yourself for injuries. If you are seriously injured, have someone call an ambulance for medical evacuation. Unfortunately, some injuries take too long to show, and you may need further check-ups especially when you feel something is wrong. If placed under treatment, also ensure that you stick to your doctor’s plan.

Report the Accident

When you’re injured because of this kind of accident, you need to report to the highest-ranking manager on the premises. Moreover, if the accident involves a vehicle, or someone has been killed, you should contact the police immediately. Ensure you retain a copy of their report, as it may come in handy during the compensation process.

Remain at the Scene

Many people leave the accident scene without much thought about their next course of action. If you can, always remain at the scene where you were injured. Record eyewitness testimonials and their contact information. You can use your phone to take photos and videos of the scene before it’s cleared.

Contact Your Attorney

Although not all incidents call for an attorney, some of them are so serious that a skilled attorney becomes a necessity. If someone has been killed, or you suffered serious injuries or extensive property damage, you should contact an accident attorney as soon as you can.

3 Most Common Parking Lot Accidents in Montgomery County

Sadly, many of the accidents that occur in this area are caused by negligence. This means that they are easily avoidable. They include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

People on foot often trip over unsafe conditions, such as wet and cluttered floors. Property managers have a legal duty of care to ensure that they don’t exist, and if they do, visitors must be warned. Failure to do so makes them accountable for losses and damages.

Car Accidents

Although vehicles move at low speeds in parking lots, this doesn’t make them any safer, especially when it comes to crashes involving pedestrians. Distracted driving is among the most common reasons why vehicular crashes occurs in these zones.

Pedestrian Accidents

Enraged and aggressive drivers may fail to yield the right of way, knocking pedestrians down in the process. Broken bones and head injuries are a common occurrence in such accidents.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

After an accident, seeking professional legal help can reduce your stress, particularly when it comes to filing a personal injury case. Of course, not all injuries or accidents call for an attorney. But if you suffered serious injuries or someone was killed, you have all the reasons to retain a Montgomery County parking area accident attorney.

Some of the benefits of hiring an attorney for your case include:

  • He or she brings decades of working experience to your case
  • Can helps investigate your case
  • Will negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Must calculate the value of your claim
  • Can represent you in court

Contact Our Attorneys To Get Legal Assistance After a Parking Lot Incident in Montgomery County

Essentially, having an accredited legal team spearhead the compensation process puts you a step ahead in your quest for justice. If you wish to retain the best Montgomery County parking lot accident lawyers, contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys today.

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