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Texas roads and highways are busy with traffic. There are vehicles, commercial trucks, public service buses, motorcycles, bicycles not to mention the thousands of people who walk on foot. With all these activities, it’s sometimes impossible for a day to pass without an incident. Everyone wants to go first even at a red light. Not understanding who has the right of way is a catalyst for failure to yield accidents.

If you sought medical treatment following injuries you sustained in a failure to yield accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Texas laws allow victims like you to file a claim against the party responsible for the car accident where you suffered harm. Unfortunately, understanding how a failure to yield case works is difficult for an average person. Just because you were injured doesn’t mean you have a legal claim. You need to establish that the party at fault was negligent by denying you the right of way. A seasoned Montgomery County failure to yield accident lawyer can help you prove this.

Understanding How Failure to Yield Accidents Happen

A failure to yield accident occurs when someone fails to give another person the right of way. They deny them to go first. Road intersections are a common area where most of these accidents occur. However, they can happen in a lot of places including parking lots. Out of the over 2.5 million vehicular accidents reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention each year, a considerable number are failure to yield accidents.

There are several ways a motorist can cause a failure to yield accident. They include:

Not Stopping at Signs

Generally, it’s the responsibility of all drivers to adhere to traffic signs as designated in specific areas. Even without the presence of traffic police, they have a legal duty to ensure that they follow these rules. But that is not always the case. It’s common for drivers to make a rolling stop in areas where they don’t see the police, other vehicles, or pedestrians. Unfortunately, accidents still occur especially when such motorists fail to notice oncoming vehicles and other road users.

Uncontrolled 4-Way Stops

If you are traveling on Texas highways and major roads, you will surely come across uncontrolled four-way stops. These are intersections where vehicles are moving in four different directions (South, North, East, and West). Such intersections have no traffic signals. However, uncontrolled 4-way stops are common in neighborhoods with relatively low traffic. Those in major towns and cities have controlled traffic signals.

Not Yielding to Pedestrians

It’s a legal requirement that drivers slow down and stop when approaching a crosswalk. Pedestrians have the right of way in such areas, and any motorists who violate this rule may face criminal and civil charges if an accident occurs. A knowledgeable Montgomery County failure to yield accident attorney may help you file civil charges even when a state prosecutor initiates criminal charges.

Do I Settle with Insurance Companies or Proceed to Trial?

If you suffered harm in a failure to yield accident, you should speak with a Montgomery County attorney about your rights. If it’s clear that the party at fault denied you the right of way, causing you harm in the process, you have a good shot at recovering monetary compensation for your injuries and losses.

When you consider filing a personal injury claim, you should brace yourself for a long, tiring, and complex legal process. Initially, your case will start with negotiations between your attorney and insurance companies. Settling out of court is faster and easier, allowing both parties to negotiate a fair deal. Most cases settle here, but if you and your attorney are not content with the settlement offered, you may proceed to trial.

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If you or your loved one suffered harm in a failure to yield accident, consult our Lone Star Injury Attorneys to learn what your legal options are and how to go about them. At our firm, we offer free case evaluation and work on a contingency fee arrangement. Call us today to discuss your case with a Montgomery County failure to yield accident lawyer.

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