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Houston roads carry thousands of vehicles every day. The city’s strategic position makes it among the busiest destinations in Texas. Hence, it is no surprise that traffic accidents are a common occurrence. Among the most popular types of crashes are rollover accidents, which occur when a vehicle tips and rolls over, landing on its roof or side. Rollover accidents are usually violent since most vehicles involved are often traveling at high speeds. In fact, a study by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that rollover accidents have a higher risk of causing fatalities than any other traffic accident.

Because not all auto wrecks are the same, you need an accomplished Houston rollover accident lawyer to investigate the circumstances of your crash and help take the necessary legal action. To determine whether you have a legal basis to file a claim, reach out to a local car accident attorney from our firm today.

Common Causes of Rollovers

The multiple legislations geared towards enhancing road safety are often dependent on the goodwill of drivers, vehicle manufacturers, state agencies, and the general public to make any positive effect. Unfortunately, not everyone holds up their end of the bargain.

Like many other auto wrecks that occur on Texas roads, rollover accidents are mainly attributed to negligence. When the parties bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of road users and the general public neglect this duty, catastrophic accidents can happen.

Rollover accidents are often attributed to:

Driver Negligence

Each driver has a legal duty of care towards their passengers and other motorists. Their actions and inactions while behind the wheels have a direct impact on their safety as well as that of other road users. They are required to follow state and federal traffic laws, but sadly, not all of them do. Among the major causes of rollover accidents are negligent behaviors such as:

In one way or the other, these behaviors impede a driver’s cognitive functions. Individual drivers may be sued alongside their employers.

Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, ice, fog, and mist are responsible for many rollover crashes in Houston. Different weather patterns present unique conditions that elevate the likelihood of auto wrecks. For instance, heavy rainfall and black ice may result in hydroplaning where the vehicle’s tires lose grip with tarmac, thus exposing them to risks such as skidding which can be catastrophic. Improper maintenance and design of roads also contribute to rollover accidents in harsh weather. Apart from drivers, an injured person may sue road construction companies and state agencies for accidents stemming from these conditions.

Improper Cargo Loading

Any vehicle can roll over, but research shows that Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have a higher chance compared to other vehicles due to their high center of gravity. This makes them top-heavy, thus predisposing them to roll over when tipped.

Improper cargo loading may also cause an imbalance in the vehicle’s weight and gravity, increasing the likelihood of a rollover when the shift is triggered. Cargo loading companies may be blameworthy when their failure to properly secure cargo results in a similar accident. An expert witness is vital in getting to the bottom of the crash and discovering evidence to back a claim. Remember, the success of a case is only as good as the preparation and research behind it.

Vehicle Defects

As mentioned earlier, some vehicles’ designs make them prone to rollover accidents. Such designs may be flawed based on roof heights, short wheelbase, engine placement, and short wheelbase, among others. Manufacturers and designers may be held accountable for accidents tracing back to vehicle defects. Fighting established companies is a difficult task, especially when injured people fail to consult with an aggressive Houston rollover accident attorney.

Get Help From a Dedicated Houston Rollover Accident Attorney

Dealing with the difficult aftermath of an auto wreck can be challenging. You need a helping hand to assist with the legal aspect of your case while you focus on treatment. A dedicated Houston rollover accident lawyer at our firm is ready to offer fact-based solutions for your case.

Whether you are seeking compensation for injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, Lone Star Injury Attorneys are committed to helping you navigate the legal challenges that threaten to derail the wheels of justice. Call us today.

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