Expert Witnesses in Houston Car Accident Cases

When an auto wreck occurs, compensation is most likely the last thing in your mind. Priority is given to seeking evaluation and treatment for injuries sustained. Afterwards, you get to file a claim with your insurance company seeking a settlement for property damage, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages among others. Many people expect to be settled immediately, but this is not always the case. Insurance companies do not settle all claims, and may look for ways to deny or lower settlements.

One common ground insurance adjusters use to protect their interests is breach of duty and causation. Saying that someone was responsible for the car accident where you suffered injuries is not enough. You must support your claim with evidential proof. Secondly, there must be a direct or proximate link between the crash and your injuries. If you cannot prove these two elements, you are most likely not to be compensated. To protect your interests, there are several people whose testimonials can be relied upon to prove negligence and causation. While you don’t get to choose eyewitnesses who saw the crash happen, you can pick the expert witnesses you want to help in your Houston car accident case.

Expert witnesses assist in providing factual and extensive details regarding a crash based on their area of training and specialization. Their testimonies are based on the facts available, as well as the circumstances of an accident. Expert witnesses may be categorized into:

Financial Experts

When pursuing reimbursement for your losses, you need to attach proof showing the financial implications of the injuries suffered. While economic damages such as lost wages, medical expenses, and rehabilitation costs are easier to calculate, determining the monetary value of intangible losses such as diminished quality of life, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of consortium is tricky. You will need financial experts such as economists to take into account economic and non-economic damages when valuing your car accident claim.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Determining liability in a car accident case takes into account the specific circumstances of the crash. With eyewitness accounts and evidence from the scene, accident reconstruction experts can help discover how the crash occurred. Using computerized systems and simulation, the whole crash can be re-created into video footage. This can greatly influence the course your case takes especially when it’s established that someone was at fault.

Medical Experts

Although medical records and reports are used to prove causation and damages, it is still important to have your doctor testify about your injuries in court. He or she may provide insights regarding the type of injuries suffered, their impact on your day-to-day life, and your recovery journey. A third-party physician may be retained by your attorney depending on your case. With their help, the jury or judge presiding over your case will have a good idea of the harm you suffered and its impact on your general health and wellbeing.

Highway Engineers

Drivers are not always to blame for car accidents, because some circumstances are beyond their control. When bad roads contribute to a crash, highway engineers may be called upon to establish their conditions at the time of the accident and whether it was preventable in the first place. Lawsuits involving state agencies and construction companies may be complex, thus the need for such expert witnesses in Houston car accident cases.

Mental Health Experts

When seeking compensation following a car accident, many victims leave out the aspect of mental health. Severe injuries may cause untold psychological and emotional trauma, thus subjecting the victim to diminished quality of life. Others suffer from PTSD making their lives even more difficult. Having a mental health expert in a Houston car accident case helps prove such losses and ensure they are captured in your settlement.

Let Our Houston Attorneys Help You With Expert Witnesses

As you may have already seen, expert witnesses are not your ordinary eyewitnesses. Their professionalism and skills in specific subject matter make them invaluable assets when claiming compensation following a car accident. By explaining complicated details about the crash and its impact on your life, they help the jury or judge make an informed judgment.

Our auto wreck attorneys have strong working relationships with expert witnesses in Houston. We are happy to foot all expenses related to your claim, including the costs of retaining expert witnesses in Houston car accident cases until a beneficial outcome is reached. Contact us today to learn more.

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