Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Houston

Traffic accidents are widespread in Houston and the bigger Texas region. Most of them are attributed to human error in regards to flouting state and federal traffic regulations. In such scenarios, individual drivers, vehicle owners, and manufacturing companies play a part in one way or another. They are usually the defendants in car accident claims resulting from negligence. While these cases are oftentimes straightforward, the same cannot be said about crashes stemming from lousy weather.

The questions of fault and damages in car accidents involving bad weather in Houston trigger victims to relinquish their rights as they don’t know where to start. You may be intimidated by insurance companies to give up your compensatory rights. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the challenging aftermath that most car accidents are. Our auto wreck lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are equipped to handle different cases arising from bad weather.

How Bad Weather Causes Traffic Accidents

Bad weather presents conditions that alter the safe operation of vehicles. Most times, lousy weather affects drivers’ visibility. For example, when it is foggy or too sunny, the driver’s visibility is greatly reduced, thus making it near-impossible to make informed decisions while on the road. Other conditions such as ice and heavy rainfall affect the vehicle’s traction with the road, therefore exposing them to skidding and hydroplaning. These can have catastrophic consequences especially if the driver fails to adapt to prevailing conditions as required. For instance, all motorists have an obligation to reduce their speeds accordingly in bad weather such as mist, rain, and ice. If not careful, such conditions may have fatal results.

Types of Bad Weather Likely to Cause an Auto Wreck

When most motorists think about bad weather, they often imagine heavy rainfall. However, downpour is not the only hazard brought about by lousy weather. Be that as it may, violent downpours or even light rains make roads treacherous as they become slippery. The tires lose grip with tarmac due to hydroplaning, making it much easier for vehicles to lose control and crash. Black ice may also form on the tarmac, creating similar hazards. Another common category of bad weather in Houston is high winds. They are popularly known to cause challenges in the aviation industry as planes take off and land. High winds also pose a safety concern to motorists as debris is blown into roadways. They also cause shifts in the vehicle’s balance, especially on steep corners.

Who is to Blame?

Determining fault in car accidents involving bad weather in Houston is based on negligence just as with other auto wrecks. While the bad weather may have played a huge role in the crash, someone’s actions or inactions probably escalated the risk. Although fault may be captured in the initial police report prepared at the scene, it is critical that you retain a seasoned car accident attorney for the same. He or she will look into the facts of your case and retain independent expert witnesses to help discover liability.

Some of the parties likely to carry fault in a car accident involving bad weather in Houston are:

Individual Drivers

Individual drivers have a duty to protect the interests and safety of their passengers as well as other road users. State and federal traffic laws in place regarding yielding the right of way and speeding among others must be adhered to the letter, more so in inclement weather. Unfortunately, some drivers flout them to get to their destination sooner. If a driver is found to have neglected their duty of care, criminal and civil charges may be instituted against them depending on the damages caused.

Vehicle Owners

Vehicle owners must ensure that their cars are regularly maintained as required by law. In order to save on costs, some owners fail to meet this requirement. Faulty vehicle components end up catalyzing accidents in bad weather. Engineers may help establish whether defective braking and steering systems and tires, among others, may have played a role in car accidents involving bad weather in Houston.

State Agencies & Construction Companies

Sometimes, poorly designed and improperly maintained roads worsen the already bad situation in bad weather. Drainage systems may be flooded with water, making it impossible for motorists to drive through safely, especially at night. A seasoned auto wreck attorney may establish grounds to sue construction companies and state agencies.

Discuss Your Bad Weather Accident with Our Houston Attorneys

Dealing with car accidents involving bad weather in Houston can be challenging. Our attorneys are happy to help you get the justice you deserve for your injuries and losses. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with us today to discuss your case.

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