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Failure to yield accidents are not uncommon in Houston. In fact, they are major causes of catastrophic injuries and deaths. Most of them are preventable, especially those that involve negligent driving practices. Many cases are attributed to driving under the influence, distracted driving, inexperienced driving, aggressive driving, and vehicle defects. However, each accident is unique and thus calls for an individualized approach as far as investigations are concerned.

Getting to the root cause of these accidents requires a dedicated Houston failure to yield accident lawyer. Finding the best legal team for the job is usually an uphill battle, especially for people who have never been in a wreck before. Luckily, the experienced car accident attorneys at Lone Star Injury Attorneys have simplified the difficult work for you. Through our free case evaluation arrangement, you get a chance to discuss your case with our expert team without worrying about hidden charges.

How Failure to Yield Accidents Occur

Yielding does not only apply where road signs and markings are present. All road users are required to give up the right of way whenever it is reasonable to do so. For example, if a child is crossing a roadway in an undesignated area, all motorists are expected to yield and allow them to cross over safely. Failure to yield accidents occur in many other forms, such as:

  • Running a red light
  • Making improper U-turns
  • Turning left on yellow signals
  • Moving into pedestrian and bike lanes
  • Failing to yield to children in a school zone
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians on a crosswalk

Unfortunately, determining what was reasonable after an accident can be difficult especially when everyone is pointing blame at the other party. In such scenarios, the best party to investigate the circumstances of your accident is a Houston failure to yield accident attorney. With decades of experience handling similar lawsuits, they are best positioned to accurately discover fault.

Failure to yield accidents are usually categorized into two major aspects:

Yielding to Pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents are a common problem in Houston and the larger Texas area. More than 100 pedestrians were killed in Houston in 2021, marking the biggest fatality rate ever recorded. A majority of these accidents were foreseeable and preventable; they tragically occurred due to carelessness, especially by motorists. The complete disregard for pedestrian rights and safety has continued to cause serious injuries and death to innocent people. The Texas Transportation Code 552.002 requires drivers to yield the right of way to pedestrians when:

  • A pedestrian control signal signifies them to “walk”
  • A pedestrian has already crossed the road toward a green traffic signal
  • A pedestrian has crossed a street on a crosswalk and is already halfway through the road

Many other scenarios require the driver to yield to pedestrians. Although some may not be a written rule, it is still important to consult with a knowledgeable Houston failure to yield accident attorney. As mentioned earlier, drivers must do everything reasonable to prevent accidents from happening.

Yielding to Motorists

With so many vehicles on Houston roads, all drivers must take precautions and ensure they yield to other motorists as required by Texas laws. Unfortunately, some disregard the rules by failing to give up the right of way when needed. For instance, many accidents occur at road intersections when drivers fail to follow traffic lights. Some of them do this deliberately, while others get confused due to a lack of proper driving experience. No matter the reason, a driver who fails to yield to other motorists at an intersection or when pulling out of a parking lot should be held accountable for their actions. A skilled failure to yield accident lawyer in Houston will review traffic footage and record eyewitness testimonials to help build a strong case.

How a Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Can Help

When it comes to determining fault, failure to yield accidents are complex. Even though liability may be straightforward in some cases, injured people must still gather and present evidence to prove their claim. Knowing what to look for is not automatic, so enlist the help of knowledgeable failure to yield accident attorneys. Though it is possible to file a case alone, it is always the best decision to work with an established personal injury law firm. Their attorneys will:

  • Retain expert witnesses
  • Collect critical evidence
  • Represent clients in court
  • Estimate the value of a claim
  • Investigate the accident and determine who is at fault
  • Handle communication and negotiations with insurance companies

After seeking medical care, pursuing justice in an accident caused by careless behavior should be a priority. Discuss all options with a Houston failure to yield accident attorney.

Discuss Your Claim With a Houston Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

Recovering from an accident puts your whole life on pause. You and your family should not have to struggle just because someone else failed to give you the right-of-way. To learn more about your legal options for recovery, contact a Houston failure to yield accident lawyer today. Free case consultations are available.

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