Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Houston Car Accident

Although auto wrecks are a common occurrence in Houston, getting involved in one personally can be an overwhelming experience. Figuring out what to do to protect your rights when dealing with insurance companies only adds another layer of problems. Not only do you have to worry about getting reimbursed for your losses, you also have to deal with the physical pain and suffering associated with most injuries. All these can take a toll on you, and may make your life more difficult.

Dealing with Houston insurance companies after a car accident is not for the faint-hearted. You need a strong will to see your claim through, failure to which you may give up on your rights. Insurance companies are popular for denying claims and engaging in bad faith tactics. No matter how straightforward your insurance terms are, do not be surprised when you are taken in circles by insurance adjusters. One way you can protect yourself from bad faith is by working with an aggressive auto wreck legal team from Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

Understanding the Initial Settlement Offer

After filing a car accident claim against your insurance company in Houston or that of the party at fault, you are most likely to receive a call from an insurance adjuster with an initial settlement offer. For most people, especially injured persons, this is exciting news. However, you shouldn’t get lost in the excitement that you forget the bigger goal which is maximum compensation. Oftentimes, insurance companies bait accident victims with lowball settlements hoping to settle the matter out of court as quickly as possible. They know how desperate you are for compensation, so they will make offers expecting you to accept their terms and sign away your rights.

Accepting the initial settlement offer is not a wise thing to do especially when you don’t have an attorney. As mentioned, most initial offers do not reflect the true value of claims. In any case, they are mostly offered almost immediately after a crash. This does not allow you time to evaluate your losses and determine the actual value and extent of your damages. Therefore, you shouldn’t be quick to accept any terms from insurance companies until a seasoned car accident attorney is present. Remember not to give too much information than is necessary to avoid implicating yourself and hurting your case.

Gather Maximum Evidence

The type and amount of evidence you collect following an accident will be crucial in substantiating your claim. Remember, you carry the burden of proof to show, with the preponderance of the evidence, that the other party was to blame for the accident that got you injured. Therefore, your most basic role should be to gather as much evidence as possible from the scene and eyewitnesses.

Record Everything

Every transaction or damage suffered as a result of the accident should be recorded. Whether it’s transportation costs to and from the hospital or medical fees, all tangible and intangible losses must be put down on paper. Other information regarding your case such as police reports and medical documents should also be cataloged.

Communicate Early

Communication when dealing with Houston insurance companies after a car accident is everything. What you say to insurance companies can be used against you to deny your claim or reduce your settlement. Be wary of the documents you sign and the things you say. Never admit fault even if you think you contributed to the accident. Most importantly, ensure that you communicate your intent to claim as soon as possible.

Retain an Experienced Houston Attorney for Help Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Car Crash

Insurance companies may not be willing to settle unless they are pushed. Without an attorney by your side, it’s likely that you don’t know or understand your rights. Insurance adjusters know this too. Based on this fact, you risk settling for less than you deserve, or even losing your coverage altogether. However, when you let an aggressive attorney handle communication and negotiations with insurance companies, you stand a better chance of not only qualifying for compensation but also getting the most out of your case.

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