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Texas roads are always busy with traffic. There are pedestrians, motorcycles, buses, commercial trucks, and other motorists. With all these parties comes the responsibility of ensuring safety on our roadways by adhering to state and federal rules, especially those around yielding the right of way. A driver must give up their right of way to another road user at one point or another.

But when they fail to do so, a car accident may occur. And since negligence is a common factor in these crashes, the injured parties have a right to compensation. Suppose you were a victim of a similar auto wreck, whether as a motorist or pedestrian, you have a chance to hold someone financially accountable for your injuries and losses. Our Fort Bend County failure to yield accident lawyers have years of combined legal experience in personal injury law. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are committed to helping Texans get the justice they deserve after suffering harm due to reckless behavior from other parties.

How Failure to Yield Collisions Occur

Texas has numerous laws regarding how and when drivers are expected to yield the right of way to other road users. They are expected to follow and adhere to yield signs and posters to ensure their safety and that of other motorists while keeping traffic flowing. Therefore, a right of way accident occurs when a driver fails to yield, causing harm to pedestrians and other motorists.

Here are typical examples of failure to yield crashes:

  • Motorists failing to yield to pedestrians
  • Motorists failing to yield to oncoming traffic when pulling out of parking lots
  • Drivers failing to yield to stop signs
  • Drivers failing to yield to emergency service vehicles like ambulances
  • Drivers failing to yield when making a left turn on a solid green light
  • Motorists failing to yield when merging into traffic

Any of the above scenarios may result in an accident. It’s imperative that you seek immediate medical attention, especially when you feel something is wrong. Some injuries take longer to show, and collecting damages may be an uphill task without proving the link between your injuries and the accident. A skilled intersection accident attorney in Fort Bend will handle your case while you focus on treatment.

Why Right of Way Accidents Happen

Unsurprisingly, most failure to yield collisions are caused by driver error. Reckless behaviors from drivers that contribute to failure to yield accidents include:

Distracted Driving

Replying to an email, talking on the phone, typing a message, grooming, and other distractions can prove to be catastrophic if the driver takes their eyes off the road. It only takes a second for an accident to occur, the same time their attention is taken away. Distracted driving can be hazardous when approaching areas with pedestrians.


Operating a vehicle beyond the set speed limits can be dangerous. When speeding, it’s impossible to give way to drivers or pedestrians who have the right of way. This vice is common in intersections and is punishable by law. Running a red light is a popular example of how right of way accidents occur.

Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited in every state, including Texas. Drunk drivers have impaired judgment, and their response to potentially dangerous situations may be slow. They may miscalculate the distance between them and other vehicles, causing head-on, rear-end, or side-impact collisions.

Poor Driver Training

A poorly trained driver may not be familiar with state traffic laws such as yielding at intersections or 3-way stops. Failing to understand how traffic lights work can be catastrophic in the end. The confusion is most common with teenage drivers for most of these accidents in the U.S.

Other common causes of failure to yield crashes may include:

  • Inclement weather conditions causing low visibility
  • Vehicle malfunctions
  • Negligence from other road users

Because liability is often not automatic in these types of crashes, you should consult with a seasoned car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Meet with a Fort Bend County Right of Way Accident Attorney Today

Failure to yield accidents can be confusing, more so if multiple parties are involved. Each party may be denying liability, and with the frustrations that follow, it’s possible to give up on your rights. But with a trusted and experienced Fort Bend County failure to yield accident lawyer, your case is handled professionally, leaving you with ample time to focus on medical treatment. Please tell us your side of the story and we can advise on your legal rights. Contact us to schedule a free one-on-one meeting with us today.

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