Importance of Following Up With Medical Treatment After an Accident

stethoscope on a medical recordBeing involved in a car accident can be confusing and overwhelming. Given the stressful experience, uncertainties may arise as to the steps to take. However, one of the most crucial steps you should never miss is seeking immediate medical evaluation. Even if you are not physically hurt, some injuries remain unhidden, and the symptoms may show when it is too late. If left untreated, the situation could worsen.

Seeing a physician is not enough. If you are injured, and your doctor recommends treatment, it is in your best interests to follow up with their plan. Some people do not realize the importance of following up with medical treatment after an accident. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we recommend that our clients follow their doctor’s plan to the letter. This is not only beneficial to their overall wellbeing but is also important when pursuing compensation.

The most salient reasons why you should follow up with medical treatment after an accident are:

Minimizes the Risks of Hidden Injuries

As mentioned earlier, you should check yourself in a hospital to ensure you are free from harm. Everything may seem to be fine in the days following the accident, but some injuries may remain undetected, thus necessitating frequent trips to the hospital. Your doctor may recommend that you undergo another medical evaluation in a few days. The goal will be to give you a clean bill of health after a thorough assessment.

Allows for Adjustments in Treatment

By following up with your doctor’s plan, they get to evaluate your progress and discern whether their treatment is working. If not, they have an opportunity to try out different strategies in regards to therapy or administration of drugs. You get the chance also to air your views on how you feel about the treatment. For example, you may have realized that some drugs are allergic, and with such information, your physician can recommend a change.

Helps You Document Your Recovery Journey

Some injuries take a long time to heal, so you must capture your treatment journey. You may note down every detail about your injuries in a journal, specifying the dates when you visited a doctor. Apart from helping you gauge where you stand, and your response to treatment, documenting this journey is vital if you wish to collect damages in a car accident claim. Your journal will give a detailed and verifiable account of events as they transpired throughout treatment.

Acts as Proof of Injury

When pursuing compensation with insurance companies or through a court process, proving your injuries will take more than just word of mouth. Going into an injury case without records and documents proving you suffered harm is a long shot. You may lose your claim altogether, but by seeking medical evaluation and following up with treatment, you get the evidence you need to prove your injuries. If you stopped seeing your physician midway, insurance companies may argue that your injuries were not severe as you claim. This can hurt your case, so to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, please follow up with treatment to the end.

How Failure to Follow Up With Treatment Can Affect Your Case

In all honesty, it would almost mean nothing if you took all the necessary steps after an accident but failed to follow up with medical treatment as advised by your physician. Insurance companies may look for a loophole to lower your claim or deny settlement altogether. To avoid a scenario where you don’t get your rightful compensation, always follow your doctor’s plan.

Another argument that insurance companies may bring up is that you were not injured. For example, if you failed to visit your physician, the defendant may argue that you did not suffer any injuries since you refused to follow up with treatment. You may be seen as a swindler who only wants to benefit from an injury they never sustained. However, with medical records and testimonials from your doctor, you can quickly invalidate such claims from insurance companies.

Reach Out to Our Firm for Help with Your Case

If you wish to pursue compensation following a car accident in Fort Bend County, the steps you take are crucial to the success of your claim. Given the importance of following up with medical treatment after a car accident, you need to have your mind solely focused on recovery. Our attorneys will handle your case, giving you the time to focus on treatment. Call us today for an appointment with our trusted lawyers.

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