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Whiplash is among the most common injuries that car accident victims suffer. Over 250,000 cases are reported each year, but surprisingly, few people understand how devastating these injuries can be. Many of them downplay them as minor until they can no longer sit, sleep or walk properly. Whiplash can affect your daily life, hindering you from working and diminishing your quality of life.

As with other injury victims, anyone who suffers from this may be eligible for compensation if their case meets the basic requirements for a personal injury case. If you had a similar injury from a car accident, it’s vital that you understand how serious they can be and how to protect your legal rights. Our Fort Bend County whiplash attorneys are happy to discuss your case for free. We will be happy to listen to the facts of your case and advise you on the way forward.

Understanding How Whiplash Occurs

Whiplash is an injury to the neck’s ligaments and muscles. It typically occurs when the neck is suddenly snapped in a back-and-forth movement due to force. They are popular in rear-end accidents but may occur in other different scenarios. Although some people do not see the need for medical evaluation, it is crucial that you get a medical evaluation especially if you feel that something is not right. The injuries can be harrowing and uncomfortable in severe cases.

Other common causes of whiplash in Fort Bend County include:

The back and forward thrust of the neck can occur in many ways. Regardless, a qualified Fort Bend County whiplash attorney may help investigate your case to establish whether negligence contributed to your injury. If so, you may have an opportunity to demand compensation from the party at fault.

How a Whiplash Attorney May Help

Although most whiplashes heal within a few days and weeks, some may require long periods of treatment, therefore keeping you out of work for a while. It is very easy to find yourself in financial turmoil with medical bills and other related losses. This is where a Fort Bend County whiplash injury lawyer relieves you of the burden. With their resources, they are confident in seeing your case through from the initial stages of litigation to settlement. Since many personal injury firms do not charge upfront legal fees, including our firm, you get to focus on treatment and recovery. At the same time, they fight to collect maximum damages on your behalf.

Another benefit of retaining a whiplash injury attorney is that no stone is left unturned during investigations. An inexperienced attorney may rush the process, leaving out crucial evidence that could be the difference in your case. Liability is accurately determined, therefore ensuring that the right parties are sued.

Our Fort Bend County whiplash injury lawyers are expert negotiators, and we strive to ensure you get a fair settlement that reflects your losses. Some attorneys may quickly accept any offer that comes their way just to get paid, but that’s not how we operate. Our client’s needs come first, and giving them fair settlement is priority when negotiating with insurance companies. Even if your case goes to court, our legal teams are trial-tested and best-rated, therefore giving you peace of mind knowing that we are accredited to practice personal injury law.

Damages Available in a Whiplash Injury Lawsuit

If you suffered a serious whiplash injury, you may be entitled to different types of damages. Economic damages will cover losses accruing from:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages for the time spent away from work
  • Loss of income-earning ability if you cannot work anymore
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs

Non-economic losses will account for physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and diminished quality of life. A resourceful Fort Bend County whiplash injury attorney can help you establish how far your losses extend. This way, you can claim maximum compensation from the party at fault. If your case goes to trial, you may also have a chance to collect punitive damages. However, unlike other damages, they are meant to punish the party at fault rather than make you whole again.

Retaining a Fort Bend County Whiplash Injury Attorney

When you contact Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we assign you a trusted Fort Bend County whiplash injury lawyer who will focus on your case 24/7. We know that time is money, and the longer we wait, the slimmer your chances of compensation become. Therefore, we ensure that all our resources are directed to your injury claim. Call us today to get started.

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